Goodbye every body!

The last few days have been a roller coaster of emotions, and I have just lost my wallet I am going to focus on working with Belial and finally become clairvoyant. I need to get control of myself before I ruin something that could be potentially good for me in the future.

It is quite clear I am in no way close to the internal work that I need to get done. THank you all for your help and advice along the way. (I will still be around for PM and such but I have to do some serious work).

-Sincerely Sinister

I understand in the way that checking up every fucking message in this forum has become a distraction and an addiction for me, i hope i could block websites for 24 hours or so that i couldn’t any way possibly go to them inside that time period.

Good luck buddy! Hope you get the strenght to do what it takes to fulfill your goals.

Good luck, and don’t die.

You need Firefox as your browser to use it, this really works though, I use it myself when I want extra support for willpower.

You can configure it so you can’t change the options while a site’s blocked, and limit access to either set times on any of the 7 days of the week, or to a set amount of time, eg., 2 hours, whatever. Excellent tool and it’s sad if people leave forums (this or any other, even evil Facebook) when something so convenient, effective and FREE will do the hard work for you.

Thank you, but sadly i still won’t switch to firefox because chrome works so much better on my pc :S

What about this?

Staying focused is a big deal for me sine I mainly work on a computer, and no-one is alone or uniquely weak-willed in sometimes needing a little help to make sure your attention doesn’t get squandered, but there are many levels of support made by other computer users that are much more useful than simply pulling the plug (and, I know that’s not what Sinister Shadow’s even talking about, but I’m just saying there are a lot of ways to handle this).

Computers + internet + primate search for novelty & connection means we all sometime sneed a little help staying focused! :wink:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:7, topic:3778”]What about this?

Thanks, will take a look on it.