Good Vs Evil : Struggle of Humanity

I’m curious… How many people believe in evil?

I’ve been having a recurring thought since finding this website and it seems to be proven everytime I get into a long discussion about magick and the Goetia in general.

Why do people perceive good and evil? Why is it always a discussion of Good vs Evil?

  1. Good and evil are man-made concepts.
  2. Negative and positive would be the same would they not?
  3. Brain waves can be used to created or destroy, why is it automatically good vs evil?

The subconscious ideal of us needing an adversary, I think hinders our magick usage and growth as magickians.

That’s my view on the subject, but I would love to see others views and reasonings. I’m quite philosophical today.


Your points are valid. I know someone who said that Murder is usually the result of anger which is kept in for too long and I recall someone else saying that it’s only a loss to the victim and their loved ones. I won’t murder or commit most other crimes because it will not benefit me in anyway and there are more productive things I can use my energy on.

I think that it comes down to many factors in the end.


In sociology we actually talked about that a lot.

Murder is generally due to some outside force like stress, anger, sadness, etc.

I don’t think murder in itself is actually evil though, I don’t approve of it but obviously something was done to someone to make them think murdering another human is ok. It’s different with animals of course, we’ve been trained to eat animals since birth.

In my research on murder rates in society, it was crazy to see the majority of murders actually occur in richer families and are just hidden from the public through lawyers and big checks.

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Bad is that which is to be avoided for the sake of survival. Good is that which your mind rewards through dopamine and other chemicals.

The wires can get cross sometimes. That’s when you get people aroused by pain. But on the whole, humans are just trying to pontificate about what evolution and their own biases has instilled in them.

Why yes. I am an ontological Nihilist.

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People perceive Evil because it is real and exists.

They may be concepts but they are not man made forces


That’s what I’m getting at though. lol.

Why are they good and bad? It’s literally taught to your from birth in whatever culture you’re raised in.

You’re told murder, stealing, etc is bad but someone else might need to steal to survive and not view it as bad but surviving.

In what way?

People push for war. People push for murder. etc.

I get that there is “Negative” in everything but I don’t think it’s as clear as “Black and White.” That’s my issue with LHP as well as RHP atm.

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I’m not talking about that lol

I mean that Evil is an Energy and Power in and of itself separate from it’s manifestations. It has a energy and a feel to it.

That is what people percieve

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So it’s just a manifestation of the sub-conscious or do you think it goes deeper than that?

From what I’ve noticed none of the entities I have worked with are “evil.” I’ve ran into some nasty parasites and such but they were doing what was needed to survive as an entity. (Energy draining, dream walking, message etc.)

I’d agree with evil being a sub-conscious issue that you’re given from birth. I don’t see it as an energy though. I’ve always thought that energy can be manipulated to your will and if your will is negative, the manipulation is negative.

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It’s all relative. We’re told not to steal because we don’t want our shit stolen. We’re told not to murder because we don’t want to be murdered. It’s like an agreement between all parties in society for practical purposes.

And the only reason we care about are possessions or our lives is because of instincts.

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Confucius say? lol.

That’s what I’m getting at… Why do people really push good vs evil? Especially in magick. I wanna know if there is something I’m missing because even the nastiest of entities have a “good” purpose when used correctly.

I’d like to use magick and esotericism also in order to reduce accidents, murders etc. Maybe sligthly, so it’s here that comes into play a certain principle: work with many entities, find other humans.
But indeed, probably on an absolute level good and evil doesn’t really exist; at the point that, maybe I’m contradictory, but I once asked myself why spiritual growth demands nonviolence when some of the very events in the cosmic space are violent.

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Spiritual growth demands whatever it takes for you to grow. I think the whole non-violence thing is bs too. A lot of rituals / magick paths are based on violence as an imagery to evoke.

Evil is a Primal being and energy that existed way before humans came along.

It is capable of infecting Humans and even Gods. That is why every being has a Shadow. That’s why all humans are inherently Evil, it’s part of our spiritual DNA.

Just the opposite, all humans are inherently good because Good is a force and being in and of itself.

It’s not subconscious, but Primal and existiential

Yep I said it
Crucify me :joy::joy::joy:

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haha. There we go. That’s what I’m getting at with this post. Your purpose might be good but it might be evil to someone else.

The primal essence thing I get but is it actually “evil” or just your own fear of the unknown and your future or your acceptance that this is what is needed for you to grow.

I mean there is the concept of Energy from the Void, but even that isn’t evil it’s just unknown and easily corruptible by your mind.

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They push it because it’s a useful tool. Evil is just shorthand for “This thing doesn’t behave in the manner I find useful. I require you to side with me on this without the need to discuss matters philosophically”

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So for example - I used to work with Odin and he cursed me. Would that be considered “evil”?

Haha, I get what you’re saying. I’m not trying to change anyones mind, I’m just trying to understand the concept more.

Cause I’ve always viewed energy as Primal and without a master / direction. (Good vs Evil.)

I see what you mean…
For me, I am Evil. Which means that I am willing to do whatever it takes to Ascend.

My Ascent requires that I kill. Magically mainly, but physical murder is not off the table at all.

Therefore, whether the target is innocent or not is of no concern. Their death brings me growth, so that is Evil.

Sacrificing others instead of self.

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That concept I get more.

LHP - Willing to do whatever it takes to ascend.

RHP - Not willing to do whatever it takes to ascend and live by “rules.”

I don’t so much believe in murder, but I have seen what sacrifice can do with voodoo practice.

I’m on the same agreement though, I am willing to do whatever it takes to ascend and don’t see it as “murder of a physical person.” But more like a subconscious murder of what I thought was “real.”

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