Good vibes and advice needed

Hello BALG family,

I am interviewing for a new and higher position within my company. Tomorrow is the Pre-screening round.
Pls send me your good vibes.

Also, any spirit that I can work with who can convince the hiring manager that I am the right person for this role.

Any inputs and suggestions will be highly appreciated.


King Paimon could pull this off but are you sure you wanna use magick here? Façade will wear off sooner or later, what if you turn out to be not what he thinks? Just saying.


Thank you Littleshart…

I am not completely relying on magick. Just need it as a booster :slight_smile:
I am hardworking and have worked my way up. Its just that I need a little push to get through this position. Once there…I am determined to work hard, learn and succeed.


Good luck.

Positive vibes to you always

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I wote a request and this rune should be drawn over my request or the back of my paper where i wrote the request?

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Can you please mention the name and author please?

Okay i did
you got it?

Hi @Rish,

Use what’s been recommended, whatever you feel comfortable with but also make sure you ‘see’ them thinking “yeah, this guy.”

And keep repeating your own words silently to yourself as much as you can:

Keep telling yourself this before the interview and also try to slip it into the conversation with them in the interview. And just as important, see yourself as actually, actively doing that job.


I mean, they don’t usually undo these things just like that.

It makes the promoter look like they made the wrong decision.

Also how many imcompetent people are CEO’s?

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What you are saying is pretty much of a moot point, I told him of a possible outcome that I have seen happening too many times. Façade is façade no matter what and when it wears off, things will get (maybe) shaky.

My point was, people want what they want in life and just go to get it, regardless of what is “right”

I was defending you saying basically “just let this guy get what he wants to get, it’s not like anyone else is gonna step down if they aren’t suited for the job” and that is most managers.

So who really better than an aspiring sorcerer to get a position of power?

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Now you are just putting the moral concept here despite I have never commented on it.

Look, I fail to see how you did defend me but if thats so, my bad. My comment was simply pointing out a possible outcome. Anyways I am not dragging this one.

Oh wait no I was defending the OP.

For some reason I thought it was him that replied, whoops.

Thank you everyone for your guidance, constructive criticism and good vibes!
I accept it with open arms :slight_smile:

Will keep you all updated on the progress.

BTW…I am a ‘she’ and not ‘he’. Haha.
Many kept referring to me as he in the replies…thought I should clarify.

Thank you once again.

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A little update:

Pre-screening completed. Awaiting results for next steps.

I could not do any ritual, but I called out to King Paimon and prayed to Ganesh ( I am a Hindu) before the test.

Fingers crossed!