Good times with Evo/Invo

Hey all just wanted to share a lil tid bit of my training regiment/ and after effects. And the obtuse question lol. I incorporate a physical training and either a ritual or kulandalni yoga per day an take 3 days off and lax. So recently I have been all in on scrying in my black mirror at least twice a week.

I know it sounds like a leisurely exercise but the method how i do it is a lil taxing and along with sleeping with squares (magick squares not people lol)  black sun exercise, etc etc its a bit overwhelming at times.Case and point: Thurs represents Jupiter I decided to do a scrying  thinking if anything I'm going to see some damn thing lol(.I always practice under the lunar hour when I can regardless of the day.) 

My rituals goes along the lines of banishment self empowerment then encircling (Ford’s Liber HVHI) and 7 gates and invocation of Lilith (Gremorum Verum). Once I know It/She is in my audience i make my request to see what I want (none yo business lol) I saw nothing but unintelligible images ( don’t worry this is going on the divin thread too). Now mind you getting lost in it is the best description.

Afterwards, ritual done banishment done etc. I was done( tired prior training; muscles got sore (the energy working I do normally prevents that)etc etc). It’s of nothing new just doesn’t happen often.Today, and even now pressure under my 3rd eye and the mash I call the thing in my skull is a borderline headache. Almost like AP (astal proj, soul trav etc) in one area and has been constant all day. Anyone want’s to take a stab at whats going on? Enjoy and Happy Fri.

Godhood or Bust!!