Good thoughts bringing good things

Basically the law of attraction. Tell me your experiences with it

Why I wanna hear about it: I’m just mad because I wanted to get a job- I applied for three, and assumed I would get a call from one but kept thinking “Whats if I get a call back from two in the same day ? What will I do?” and it was a big thought on my mind. Sure enough I got offered the job from two places in the same day. The one I picked isn’t giving me as many hours as I need and the other one wanted a completely open schedule. Im pretty peeved about it. I feel like I should have thought of something better

Thoughts are fine but i my experience is action determines final result. I’ve gotten some of my best opportunities while i was in a shit headspace but i kept my actions lined up where i wanted to go.

While working to increase my yearly income my brain when through alot of toxic thought trains mostly cause i was used to being broke and had to lay down new tracks as it were.