Good reliable entities for getting lovers

My apologies if this overlaps the using demons to get ass thread a little, but what are some entities y’all have worked with that have brought success in this regard that you would recommend to a novice magician? I’m looking for neither a one night stand nor my “soul mate”, just someone suitable and attractive I can have an uncommitted yet meaningful sexual relationship with.

Last week I was getting prepared to do an evocation of Fro’ghla’tasch from BOA, but postponed it at the last minute after reading about some of the negative experiences with this particular entity on here.

Read alot of good things about Sitri, but I’m open to other entities as well. I’m going to be using the methods from the Mastering Evocation course, maybe with some banishing rituals or invocations of planetary or elemental correspondances, but no big fancy Solomonic stuff. I tend to gravitate more towards demons but will work with other kinds of spirits if they’ll get the job done

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ANY spirit can find you a lover. Yes, ANY spirit. However, different spirits have very specific powers to do very different things. Saying “Sitri, bring me a lover” is asking for trouble for reasons that should be apparent even from the description in the Ars Goetia which is incomplete and poorly translated. The question is, do YOU know HOW to employ the EXACT powers of a specific spirit to get precisely what it is YOU WANT.

Failure to understand this is a cause of so much of the frustration I see from magicians and badmouthing of spirits from the Goetia.

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