Good realms to visit for a begginer

hi, i did soul travel 2 times to meet my “spirit animal” and talk to a certain demon, but just it
what you guys recommend?


Lower World first, don’t worry about going places beyond that to begin with, get one spirit mentor that you can trust, using this as a benchmark to begin with:

You want to find a spirit capable of consistantly giving verifiable

  • advice - for example, warning you that your boss is going to be in a shitty mood tomorrow, so keep a low profile and don’t pull that sickie you were thinking of taking to watch some sports, and keep note of how often ideas that can’t come from you have helped you in ways you could not foresee

  • manifest results - they tell you to visit town even though you’re too skint to shop, you find $50 at the bus stop or get given a voucher for groceries - keep a small note of these things as well

  • comprehension that aids you, does not destabilise - yes, it’s all very nice that you’re the incarnation of Odin/Thoth/Zeus himself, but so are we all, albeit to different degrees, the truly useful thing is to help you reconstruct your understanding of the world and your own experiences so that you no longer feel like a victim, a thing bobbing haplessly in an ocea of other things.

Even if all you do is astral journey to one spirit (for example) but you get results, do it as often as you can, other skills will follow along.

Having one spirit or method that you know you can rely upon is the key to unlocking all other things because it will save you from pursuing dead ends and guide you towards your next success, it used to be the initiatory turning point for many other paths.


I agree with @Lady_Eva, find a comfortable spirit and let them guide you. Lucifer has taken me places as I’ve grown enough and become ready. You don’t really want to do it on your own since you’re not familiar . It can be like driving around the hood asking random strangers for directions- play it safe and stick with someone familiar you trust.