Good psychopomp (sorry i if this question has bin asked be for)

good psychopomp (sorry i if this question has bin asked be for)
list some good good psychopomp and there attributes please :):):)\

edit:especially the ones for the beginners.

What exactly do you need the spirit/s to do for you?

Mercury and Odin will both act in this fashion, they have a lot of info readily available online so I won’t waste time copying it here.

for necromancy and working with ancestors your need a psychopomp right?
i am thinking about looking in to the system and was just looking for recommendations for beginners.sorry if its a stupid question and i just dont know
what i am tacking about.

It’s not a stupid question at all, I just wanted to be sure we were talking about the same thing. :slight_smile:

Euoi posted a guide to working with your ancestors here.

That contains a simple prayer, and if you know the ethnic origins of your family you could research that tradition for a spirit or god associated with ancestors, the dead, or whatever, and call upon them in place of “Almighty God” if that suits you better.

If you prefer to work with a spirit considered by some to be “demonic” then I highly recommend Buné, who seems to me to also be the ancient Egyptian goddess Buto/Wadjet, and whose interests in family lineage and the inheritance of widsdom and power have impressed me personally, and I’m very grateful to her for this. :slight_smile:

She answered me with a simple call and her seal and enn are below:

~ Wehl melan avage Bune Tasa ~

Some get stuck into the idea that the Gods are simple fixed personifications, but they are actually more than that. As a form of Intelligences that go beyond individual forms, they are also life forms that span certain time periods, but also seem to be a collection of Intelligences from certain Time Periods as well as Situations… which points to the fact of why you would think a certain Goddess was masquerading under the name Bune.

I’m a hard polytheist (definition, for those to whom this is a new debate) and I’m that way because that’s how I began, it’s always worked very well for me, and I have good relationships with the spirits I approach in this fashion, so “stuck” is, with respect, a misleading term.

I’m well aware other worldviews exist, I’ve explored them, and chosen to stick with my own - nothing stuck about that. :slight_smile:

At first, I approached her as Buné/Bime the demon, after Belial referred me to her, and I only discovered more through time (including her own intervention by putting me in contact with my deceased parent) and, later, through meeting one of her familiars.

I didn’t get the impression she cared about what gender pronoun I used, and her extremely non-humanoid appearance added to that impression.

And I can absolutely understand how a Christian may take that appearance for meaning “this is a demon” since serpentine shapes and extra heads are usually lumped in with “ungodly forces” etc.

Anyway that risks going off-topic but she retained her attribution for working with the dead, and wealth, despite the jumbled up nature of most grimoire descriptions, so that’s why I added her to the list - a god from one’s own ancestral region would be suitable as well, or the “Almight God” Euoi referenced in that prayer.

then i’m a combo of soft polytheist and hard polytheist

and absolute denier of God at the same time


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