Good or bad sign?

Everytime I do a little meditation on Dantalion sigil asking for a sign if he accepts my petition or wants a different offering and asking to speak to me thro my dreams, I keep waking up several times in the night. I don’t remember any dreams. I only keep waking up . Usually with the same negative feeling I always have.
I’m not sure if this interprets to being a good sign or a bad sign or just… nothing.
Any opinions?

It may sound a cop out, but what does your intuition tell you? Is it your rational mind causing you to doubt? I admit I do not know enough about Dantalion to truly say, having no personal experience with the Being, myself. I do, however, know that when uncertainty enters into a situation, it is time to tell the rational mind to shut up so I can hear my Intuition. The rational mind is what causes the affect that Zen refers to as Monkey Mind; attain the state of No Mind, and you will find yourself less uncertain.

I am not trying to be rude; if I came across that way, I apologize. I was simply trying to give as much information in as few characters as possible.:face_with_monocle:


That does sound like me. Apparently it takes tons of practice to shut up my rational mind completely, in the time I’m reaching out to him I feel something. Just like chocolate I’m good for a moment. Then my mind goes back to negative. No you didn’t come off as rude.

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It helps when learning to attain No Mind if you first focus on one word/concept/image. That is one use for Mantras: they focus the mind (some even have special characteristics achieved via the vibrations resulting from sounding the mantra, itself. If all you can achieve it for is 30 sec, after three days in a row of 30 sec, try pushing it to 40 or 45, and slowly work your way up in time.