Good meditations to reach theta/gamma state?

Hello everyone here at BALG…
I’ve been looking around on itunes/youtube etc, for some good audio downloads that help aid in getting into the theta-gamma state.
Anyone have any suggestions?

I’m also looking for some good guided meditations/binaural beats, etc, that help activate the third eye, help with astral travel and basically entering the super-conscious mind.


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The Monroe Institute has some great ones. They may be a little too light and fluffy but they are effective.

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I find that most binural beats involving just theta and gamma waves works well.Unless you wanna take the long route and find some brainwaves from beta all the way to gamma.

i’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks and i’m having some cool breakthroughs. here’s what i did:

i drew this mandala in silver pen on paper:

then i put it on the trend pad of my radionic machine, which i tuned to open my 3rd eye.

then i gazed the mandala while listening to the following audio:

98.7% Proven Meditation Technique: Open Your Third Eye in 15 Minutes (Requiem)

i’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks and i’ve been able to get my structuring and visualizing up from around 15 seconds to over 2 minutes, which surprised me. but that’s cos i do it pretty much every day. at first it gave me a feeling like something was tapping really hard on my forehead and the tickling of the ant feeling like something is crawling around on the inside of my forehead and around my eyes. then after a couple of days i got splitting headaches. now what i get is a feeling of pressure on my forehead - strangely enough i even feel it right now as i’m typing this. all of those things have been accompanied by some very lucid dreams at night, almost like wandering around on the astral, just going everywhere in general and nowhere in particular.

you have to just work at it, there’s no way around that. it happens slowly but surely so keep at it.

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