Good luck Magick for College Financial Aide?

Ok I need a little help. My appeals to get financial aide at school was denied. I really need this extra money and will be doing an appeal to the decision. What are some extra things like spells, chants, rituals I can do to help the Colleges committee more willing to give me the aide again? I am open to everything! I just needs lots and lots of good juju. I want to get done with this all and Be able to play with animals and my true calling :owl: :zebra: :goat:

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Call upon King Paimon to influence them.

Or Acheron, the Angel of Influence, from Kingdoms of Flame.


As you know I am still starting out on this path. What would be the best way to call upon either of them? Which would you suggest to try first?

King Paimon - open his sigil and ask him for his help. You open it by gazing at the sigil until you see the lines disappear/ reappear, glowing etc.
You could also chant his enn and listen to his song that you can find my searching ”72 songs king paimon”

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For financial matters there are very powerful and helpful:




Lucifuge Rofocale


Of course Bune and Paimon


Ok! Thank you so much. I will do this and listen to his song. I know I am stressing this way more then I should. I just want to get school done and in a career, I will love.

Thank you so many options. Astaroth’s planet is Venus right? She jumped right out to me when I read your list.

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Yes indeed is Venus and friday is a good day for related rituals :dove:

I’m a Libra so I must not resist the pull to Venus :laughing: I think I’ll write all of them down and see who wants to help out the inspiring Zoologist. Thank you so so so much.

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I put on a dress walked up to all the churches, wasn’t lhp yet, but hated godly falsehoods, for personal reasons I hope to see settled before I die. I digress, Asked them good folks for scholarship and grants, so I could be a Godly, educated woman doing God’s work. I got $10,000 over the course of working on my Master’s. Every year, easily. Say Gee, tilt head, fake pause to thank God’s chosen for help in pursuing your life’s goal of spreading truth( not a lie) one last sweet smile that say’s jesus, baseball, dinosaurs are a lie, I love apple pie. Take the churches money. Do it. It feels great.

I will look into that too. I think I can get through 3 years. It’s the masters I need help with.

Eligos solved all my financial problems when I was studying.

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I got my Master’s in mathematics/physics by adjunct teaching first year teachers on how to teach analytical geometry concepts for the evolving student. They need to see it or it’s not real, no one cares about the busy work first anymore. So let them see space and time bend with a dubstep song as a fractal pattern on a computer screen first, then take to two dimensional problem creation, solving, then create your own equation, engineer into visual simulation, a sound, ect. Find a nitch in your field and sell it as a standard and convince them everything before hand isn’t enough and an aging fossil. Then get paid to collect data further, or free coursework.
The beauty is you’re working on a master’s not a dissertation. You can sell on just an idea at this level, if its mindful and sound. Good luck, I am gonna get a hike in