Good lhp books

I am looking for good and well written lhp books. Not for practice but for ideology and mindset.

Im gearing to study more of what is and what is not. It was a suggestion from a stoic thought process to read everything that you oppose or disagree with to farther understand your own stance


Lords of the Left Hand Path by Stephen Flowers.


Pdf by chance?

Remember, trading in pirated pdfs is forbidden on this forum, but Google is your friend :wink:


I will lool it up then

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I’d get kindle unlimited since a large number of books covering topics like this are available. Not every single one obviously, I still buy a lot of books. It’s a valid approach however.

I recently read every book an author from the Celestine light order wrote. I disagreed with his religious views 100% and still find sound basis in the work he presented and added a portion of it to my own practice.

Shook my at him telling me it could only be used for light. Much like a surgeon, who needs to know how to not kill someone on the operating table, if you can comprehend why and how it works, you can invert it to kill someone instead of helping them. Imagine that’s true with most things. If you can get to the essence of how and why you can take it for your own purposes- even when they are opposite of intended.

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Any titles you recomend

I can recommend but ots in other languages besides enghlish.


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Psychopaths Bible
Pacts with Demons
The Goetia edited by crowley
Aghori Cookbook
Book of Black Magic
On and on…

the Bible is a good one if you can read between the lines

Edgar Kerval has awesome grimoires
Baal Kadmon is excellent too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anything by the two Antons - LaVey and Long.
Codex Saerus
Demons of the Flesh by Nikolas and Zeena Schreck