Good informational material to use for sigil crafting

I know that sigil crafting depends mostly in the intent of the creator for its use and you can charge it in multiple ways. I’m just interested in it. Is there and online sights that have the info I’m looking for? (Mostly symbols and texts) I am planning a project but I lack the knowledge in this.

Look up chaos magick and sigil creation. I forget the exact names of the book and author but it’s a great start.

Edit: it’s called “sigils in theory and practice” by Austin osman spare. I think it’s an excellent starting point.
There are a ton of other books he has written and in general on the subject by various authors (that I haven’t read yet)


The Master Works of Chaos Magick by Adam Blacthorne has an excellent method for creating sigils. As well as having some other great magick in there.


This is a good one, Austin Osman Spare invented this kind of sigil magick, but I will say that it’s very old - why does that matter you might ask? Well it’s based off of a very outdated model of psychology that has mostly been dropped today, although it still perseveres in the Chaos Magick community because they rely on the old works, and well, they are all based off of that outdated model of psychology. Most of Spare’s original method has also been dropped in favor of more simpler methods, which work just as well.