Good illustrated Goetia book

Need a reccomendation from those who work with goetia to find a good book that even shows the illustration of the beings of Hell, I particulalry like Glasya Labolas

Lon Milo DuQuette and Crowley are the only ones Im aware of.
Crowley moreso in his writing than artwork.
AFAIK, DuQuette is the only one.
However, older texts in older times such as Barrett or Agrippa had drawings closer to the idea of their time, and I guess since time is more on their side, they choose the form we prefer.

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Again, I would compare Barrett and Agrippa to the appearances now. I think they adapt to our cultural likings.

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Mmm Crowley and Duquette illustrated Goetia

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Found a new one, it has woodcut type drawings of the more grotesque forms (obviously the time-culture view). About the time of Agrippa and Barrett in my opinion on the drawing style.
It may also have alternate/new names to evoke.
Ive also been wondering about evoking the legions as well.

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Search on google or whatnot, Demonographia Collin De Plancy
A adobe file, demons start with Abigor.

Well you should have already done your homework and know the alternative names for spirits you intend to work with @Nightside.

As far as working with THIER legions buddy about as close as you can safely get to that is to evoke the spirit and ask him to put all his legions onto your task.

Do NOT try to order around a Goetic spirits legions that could offend the spirit.

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Yeah, after posting the idea, I thought that might piss off the superior leader.

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@Nightside when you evoke a Goetic spirit and give them a charge the spirit decides how many spirits from its legion to send to your task. These spirits are very small but there is strength in numbers. I heard it said 100,000 of them could all sit on the head of a pin.


Right on. As far as @MagickVigilante has with the question, I agree, Crowley and DuQuette are the best sources.

I would ask Orobas this question, if you haven’t already, if the idea of them inhabiting clusters, nebulas, galaxies, etc, and ask if the star types differ by ranks? I know someone who mapped out most if not all the goetia into star systems. Can share if you’re interested.
I would prefer to get the authors permission, but I don’t go on facebook after my psychotic breaks, too many triggers among my friends.

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@Fuego Mmm is be more interested in some reliable methods for charting spirit placements in Natal charts. I’ve read something but lost it that described a method to see where individual Goetic spirits were on your chart.

I can tackle that one.

So, the 72 angels and demons pair night and day, or within certain decay placements, 0 to 30 degrees of the house sign. Aspects may determine their attitude/characteristics which might be contrary to your house.
So, I have a list I can photo and post on the tarot card placements with the angels and demons.
Also, they correspond to the seven planets and metals.
So, example, my chart.
Neptune in first of Scorpio. Mars was the first ruler of Scorpio, so any Mars in Scorpio would be in my interest to contact.
Third house of Capricorn with Mars, again, same contact reason.
Seventh Saturn in Taurus, there again same contact reason.
Tenth Moon in Leo, same contact reason.
And so on.
In my eleventh and twelfth houses, I have three planets in each.
In this case, I would look at the same contact reason for each planet in that house sign and contact the angels and demons.
Now to practice what I preach.

I personally marvel at the Picatrix and similar writings including tarot in regard to pictured scenarios and moon mansions placement, and wonder if the south and or north nodes operate through these, or just Luna, the North and South Nodes in some order correspond to Uranus and Neptune, not sure about Pluto.

I have to do a bit of title and planet decan research and add to my notes before posting photos.

So, now you place your tarot cards in a zodiac circle on your floor, preferably DuQuettes deck, and then place the majors that correspond to that house sign in that area if the house
This gives you an aerial view of your birth chart. I’ve done so before and it was quite helpful to meditate on
Now, we have from the swords at least, the sign and planets, and we evoke them

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Hmm interesting @Nightside

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Here are the rest I have so far. Plus an example

I could draw a sample chart, and try with my deck if that would be helpful. Might take me a while cross referencing DuQuette. In his ceremonial magic tarot toward the end of the book he has an interesting chart on the wheel.

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