Good example of Aum mantra

Can you suggest me good example of aum mantra suitable for noobs like me?
And why this guy have title Aum but it is OM in fact and in the beginning there is title for OM.

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It is AUM, NOT OM. These three are the only pronunciation which can be done without using one’s tongue, So all the mantras fall under it.

It is not some extraordinary stuff. Do this–

Sit for meditatiion, Chant AAAAAA then without Pausing UUUUU then without pausing MMMMMM. While chanting AAAAA feel the vibration on your stomach region, while chanting UUUUU feel the virbation on your chest-throat region and while chanting MMMMM vibration on Head region. Imagine the vibration moving from bottom to up without any break. Do 108 rounds daily in one go and don’t pause inbetweeb , have to be continuous.

Benefits ----

It will get rid of mental problems, weakness in your physical constitution, will bring stability and clarity of mind, make your body conductive for higher energy work like kundalini without fucking up your nervous system.

Symptom that it is happening correctly --------

Unless you have done some serious energy work/ purification beforehand initially you will sweat like a pig, and that’s good.


But I would like to hear it. Can you suggest me good video for example?
Edit: In the video beginning is OM. Even it is written. This confused me.

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As legit as it can get.


Fuck that video, and fuck that dick face.

But seriously, it’s AUM, anyone with common knowledge about the laws, mechanics behind it knows it.

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He is awesome.

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It really doesn’t matter how one writes it. When the Sanskrit for the syllable is translated into English, it comes out as Om. When chanted, it sounds more like aum.
Don’t get so caught up on this.


Excellent short talk (mantra discussion second half, though the total speech is of high value in my opinion)…

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