Good day! newbie here

Good day everyone, my name is Nathan, you can call me Wysol :slight_smile:

Firstly I just want to point out that I have been on a “spiritual path” for 4 years now, seeing and hearing things isn’t new to me, although I have only seen what I thought was a spirit once in my waking vision. And I do understand black magic is a whole other ball game to the new age love and light bullshit that I started with.

So I actually found BALG due to Kurtis Joseph, I was researching Dragons due to an experience I had with them in meditation. From there I started to research everything I could about them, Magick, ley lines, stories, tantra ect. Came across someone named “Working Dragon Mystic” on youtube whom I resonated with and learned from, the only books I could really find on the subject was D.J Conways stuff which I started on last month.

After this I found the video " Drakonium Arkanum: The Spirit Of The Dragon" on EA’s youtube, done by Kurtis Joseph.

Now I have been guided to purchase the Grimoire of Tiamat and EA’s Complete works, not sure why both but thats what i’ve done. I’m also incredibly interested in Kurtis Joseph’s work Black Magick of Ahriman: The Ancient Rites, Spells & Demons of Persia. Should I be focusing on one pathworking at a time before diving into that?

I’ve read a lot that Tiamat is not a good starting point, but I suppose if I have been guided to it there is a message or path for me there? I’ve also been mediating on her and have seen a 3 headed dragon in my minds eye twice now. The first time was a big orange eye staring at me, the vision grew further away until I seen 3 heads & necks on a body that looked like a giant cloud. The second time was shorter, it was a 3 headed dragon flying upwards, then vanished. Ive seen Dragons in my minds eye before, but never 3 headed ones.

Also have a question about practicing with family in the house, its not like they “hate” the path that I am on but I know for a fact they are incredibly sceptical. I do plan on moving away as I do need my own place.

I know that when I see or hear things to completely shutup about it around them.

Am I attempting to do too much with these books and the route I want to go, or if im guided to do this, im suppose to. I feel I am suppose to.

Any advice is much appreciated!

Have a great day,


The Complete works is several books and will give you everything beginner to advanced.

I’d recommend doing some of that before the Ahriman work, just because it would be good to feel comfortable with the ritual process and be able to focus on the Div rather than the newness of spirit contact. In my experience, the DIv are very interesting and intense, Zohak is a nothing burger, but the Div are everything.


I agree with what @Mulberry said, but also take into account what your gut is telling you.

Take all that information and questions and ask yourself that question.

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I think that’s why I got it, I checked the contents and thought that it was nearly perfect in how it progresses. & thank you, I’m thinking of just buying it when i next can just for some part time reading. no intention to work through it yet but i read a lot :rofl: and it looks like some interesting info

@Nephenthe thanks too, I know what ill be doing now :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Wysol

What exactly do you practice? Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions of magick?

I started practicing this year, the last 3 years have been on and off meditation work and diving into occult studies, yoga + “life” hitting me in the face every year. I’ve been doing tarot as a form of divination for a about 7-8 months now, I started doing candle magic about 6 months ago with success. I started the pathworking I found in D J. Conways Mystical Dragon Magick last month and reading + doing some of christopher penzacks work in his Temple series for the last 3-4 months now along with reading on herbalism, oils (making oils) and reiki.

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:

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Many thanks my friend, Complete Works just arrived, time to dive in! :slight_smile:


Hi there Wysol, welcome to the forum :wave:t4:

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Many thanks QueenMustung!

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