Good Books (recommendations)

i don’t see a thread with that.

post here some good books that suprised you with the amount or type of useful (occult-spiritual) knowledge!

i’ll start

i would like to recommend two books for you, lovers of Our Divine Mother

  1. Cave of the Numinous…/

  2. Shakti - Realm of the Divine Mother…/…/ref=sr_1_3…
    in the terms of Gnosis, Cave of the Numinous goes in depth and reality of praxis,
    while Shakti - Realm of the Divine Mother goes sideways exploring different faces of Shakti - this book is really great and useful thousand times more than you may think.


I’m always searching for good books thank you so much I’m currently reading the satanic Bible underground edition I like it I think it changes your perception on things in life and how its survival of the forest

so if you’re into that kind of porn, then you must LEARN the Cathecism of Lucifer, by J. Nefastos

and i’m not kidding around

that book was integral (2 months of re-reading parts because i couldn’t accept some of the stuff, but i knew it must be truth)
to my Enlightenment.

[quote=“bahamuthat, post:3, topic:6778”]so if you’re into that kind of porn, then you must LEARN the Cathecism of Lucifer, by J. Nefastos

and i’m not kidding around

that book was integral (2 months of re-reading parts because i couldn’t accept some of the stuff, but i knew it must be truth)
to my Enlightenment.

Where I can find this book?[/quote]

Some noteworthy occult books.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead(The Book of Coming Forth by Day)
The Kybalion by the Three Initiates
(The Black Magic stuff)
Lords of the Left Hand Path by Stephen Flower
Works of Darkness by EA Koetting
the Book of Azazel also by EA Koetting(if I weren’t fond of his work,I wouldn’t be here,now would I?)

(The vampire section)
Vampires:The Occult Truth by Konstantinos
Compleat Vampyre by Nigel Jackson(not much of an occult book,but super-awesome)
THe Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger
The Sanguinomicon by Father Sebastiaan(not terribly useful but worth mentioning)
(The mystical section)
Ipsissimus by EA Koetting
The Yoga of Power by Julius Evola
(Witchy books)
Protection and Reversal Magic by Jason Miller
Money Magic by Frater U.D.
(Necromancy books)
Graveyard Wanderers
(Other books)
The Art of Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos

These are some off the top of my head.I’ll probably think of more and add them here.

“The Black Arts” by Richard Cavendish. Buy a used hardback on Ebay for $20. Damn fine overview of the LHP Sorcery.

“The Blood Sorcery Bible” by Cagliastro. Solid work on Blood and Magnetics as they apply to ritual sorcery. No hardbacks unfortunately.

“liber hirudo” by Oizus
"psychic vampire codex" by Michelle Belanger

“chaos & sorcery” by Nick Hall
"blood magick" by Seth
"The dark side of the moon" by Basil Crouch if you feel like only working with 1 paradigm
"the hexagradior"
“Advanced magick for beginners” by Alan Chapman
and of course basically everything from Charles “uncle chuckie” Cosimano

‘‘Kingdom of Flames’’ by Koetting.Lots of uknown entities to experiment with and it’s full of sigils for those who like to work this way.

‘‘Mantra Yoga and primal sound’’ by Dr David Frawley.
It’s accurate enough and explains in depth how to pronounce the mantras and what they do.

Eckhart Tolle:
the core of all meditation and the realization of the egoic self.Pure gold in every aspect

And of course all the books from my beloved T LOBSANG RAMPA.
Nothing to say about them.The only word that comes to my mind is TRUTH.

Saturn Rising

i got it yesterday, and i must say i this is more then i hoped! The author, J.T. Kirkland did an awesome job!
he is knowledgable, and reasonable, plus i presume he has good practicing experience. most of all, he is smart.

he postulates in the book the idea about planetary days an hours, which is so simple and good, that i’ll use the planetary timing for the first time and actually know what to do. up until now, most of the work i’ve done has been at random times. not any more.

and secondly, i had a very magickal experience the same day i got the book. the TIME itself has revealed another glorious piece of the puzzle to me, and showed mi to follow it.

great stuff!

  1. Ceremonial Magic & The Power of Evocation by Dr. Joseph C. Lisiewski

Interesting read, he shares his experience and advice doing demonic evocations. I plan to eventually read his other book about his Goetic workings called Howlings From The Pit.

  1. Magic: History, Theory, Practice by Ernst Schertel

Recently translated from German to English. A copy signed by the author was found in Hitler’s library. I discussed this book in a Hitler thread someone recently resurrected and Lady Eva has a thread where she discusses working with it. Left hand path.

  1. Lords of The Left Hand Path

  2. Magical Ritual Methods by William Gray

Great English magician. He was the real deal. He even met Crowley when he was a kid and guess what Crowley said to him? Do what thou wilt.

  1. Liber Null & Psychonaut

Peter J. Carroll, one of the fathers of chaos magick, wrote one of the best books on it if not the best book.

  1. Low Magick by Lon Milo Duquette

Great snippets and stories about his experiences in magick. The story where he does the Chronozon tango at the Catholic school is just great. How can you not love Lon?

  1. Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig

Great beginner’s guide. Kabbalistic based magick. White & gray magick, good to start out on if you prefer not to jump straight off into the dark.

  1. The Magical Revival by Kenneth Grant

  2. Magick In Theory & Practice by Aleister Crowley


  1. The Book of English Magic

Cute and wonderful little book.

  1. The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang.

A must if you are a serious practitioner of Kabbalistic magick.

  1. The Satanic Bible & The Satanic Rituals by Anton Lavey

Left Hand Path 101. Mandatory reading in LHP Elementary school.

  1. In The World of Madness by Michael Sartin

Interesting collection of essays by a Satanist

  1. Luciferian Witchcraft by Michael Ford

I add this because I just read it. A number of members here would probably enjoy it. Great artwork throughout the book. My biggest complaint with Ford’s work is the unacceptable amount of typo’s and grammatical errors in his stuff. He needs to get an editor if he can’t be bothered to edit it himself. Publishing that sloppy shit takes away a certain amount of my respect for him as a writer and to a degree as a magician. The art is great. Take more pride in your words.

  1. Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi

Levi was a great writer and a brilliant man and dear old Uncle Al took a lot of his ideas from Levi.

  1. Sex & Rockets

Interesting biography about Jack Parsons, one of Crowley’s American proteges.

  1. Wormwood Star

This is the reason I mentioned Sex & Rockets. This is the biography of Parson’s wife, Marjorie Cameron. This is a wonderful biography about a very fascinating woman who in many ways was just as intriguing as her husband if not more so. She carried on in the occult scene long after his death and plays the dual roles of The Whore of Babylon and Isis in the film The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. When Kenneth Grant saw her in that film he went absolutely bonkers over her.

I could list more books but I’ll stop there.

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@iam incident - completely agree about Ford. He puts things in his books that you won’t find in a lot of places. I recommend his books but suggest they are read slowly at a time because of the poor editing.

Re M W Ford- yeah, the lack of editing seems to be a common complaint. I reckon it might be deliberate (though I can’t imagine why), as surely he must have picked up on it by now?

Anyway, I would recommend his books too- a lot of interesting info and they’ve got a cool vibe about them. Book of The Witch Moon is good too. The artwork in Luciferian Witchcraft is awesome- I think most of the illustrations are done by his wife. I was hoping some of the images might be available online to by as prints, but couldn’t find anything :frowning:

My own list includes many of the above books so won’t list them again.

While we’re on the subject, can anyone recommend a good book on Anti-Cosmic Satanism? @Reaper182 maybe?

Came across this fun and humorous little book on chaos magick earlier, the Psychonaut Field Manual. It’s in the form of a graphically illustrated comic book. Even though it’s basic stuff designed for beginners, I think the author has done a good job of making it appealing to both the novice and experienced. There’s even a satirical reference to EA on one of the illustrated books of magic near the beginning. The author has made the first three chapters available for free. I think it may be a work in progress but I’m not sure as I haven’t looked that deeply into it.