Gonna go on an invoke spree today, how do I talk to them more efficiently?

I believe I may have talked to Mettatron last night, but you know how that is. It could be him, Could be me. All very confusing. I want a few methods I can’t doubt as much so I have a better time understanding them.

I believe they come, I believe they communicate. I’m not entirely sure they can make ME hear them.

The thing I always teach, is that if they always tell you stuff you already know and stuff that you want/expect to hear, then you are probably talking with yourself. I’ve known people who never talked to any entity at all, mainly because the entities didn’t want to answer, yet they believed that they were chosen for some cosmic war because they burned a paper. In the texts I studied when I began my journey, there was said that for begginers, it can happen that you talk for one hour with a spirit, but only five minutes were the actual conversation and the rest were you imagining things. In my personal experience and in the experience of other people that can be found even in this forum, entities more often talk through non-verbal channels, you are more likely to feel their message rather than hearing them, but a lot of practitioners, even myself, use the verb “to talk” or “to speak” or “to say” to refer to those interactions, which leads the noobs to confusion. I’ve found that when spirits verbally talk, they usually do it briefly. Maybe they are exceptions to the rule and someone got a verbal 5 hours speech from Marchosias. As with all these spiritual things, I can only talk from my experience and the experience of those who have walked with me

Good to know that I mentored myself for a stupid amount of time.

Not surprised. Fucking hate this method but its the only one.

Read tarot, read a lot of tarot, that will develop the psychic muscle that you need for effective spirit communication

Like… Get a tarot deck and use it?

When I was young, I learned from a woman that calls herself the Daily Tarot Girl how to use my intuition in readings, since I developed that, I became able to “hear” spirits fluently. She is not a super dark LHP practitioner, actually she is very new agy and sometimes shallow in what respects to occult lore, but you can learn a lot from her in the aspect that I mentioned, plus her posts are quite amusing. She has a website and a youtube channel with tons of free articles on various tarot subjects

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I’ll give it a shot before I do what I need to today.
Thank you!!

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