Gonna go full dark mode

So I did some divs…

It seems I will be taking the fork off of neutral avenue onto darkness boulevard.

I guess it’s time to crank up my edgy.

This might have something to do with heartbreak and emotional pain being vented… the divs just said I’d get what I want if I take the darker paths… but I just want the pain to stop at this point, well, that and to have lots of money.


Fuck it

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That is exactly what happened with me at one point. The spirits told me to curse and get out all of my past anger to bring me back to balance. I did that and things got better. It was the storm before the calm rather. Feels and works great



Yeah Same thing happened to me too


Wisdom right there.

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Maybe you should just do some shadow work.

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Interesting, considering I believe I recommended healing work awhile ago.

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