Gone Wrong

So It’s been two and a half weeks now since I asked Lord Rosier to split up my targets relationship with her boyfriend so i can get with her, and today i find out she is still with him, yestesday I invoked Sallos as well for the same task. I just dont know if they can even help with this. I just feel so helpless, they are not even in a serious relationship with each other.why is it taking Lord Rosier so long? I have a portal to Amosdeus and very tempted now to ask him for help

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Maybe breaking them up isn’t the answer.

@Alazif it shouldn’t really matter tbh. People kill others via magic for much less


Yeah, he should just kill him with magic. Seriously though, I guess it depends on Lord Rosier’s personality. My first indicator is that the word “Lord” is in his name. He’s important. From what I gather, he’s like Cupid in a lot of ways. I’d think he’d be interested in how the love triangle played out. Just my opinion though.

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Its not like im asking for a million pounds or something, now I dont know what to do? How hard can it be for a goetic demon with all there powers to carry out this simple task.I have read on this forum of amazing things and situations changing very quickly for people, in a matter of days for situations alot harder and complicated then mine.
Would a more experienced member be able to do a divination for me please.? I would be most appreciated.
Also would Amosdeus be more suited to this task?

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Magic route: Ask to be made into the embodiment of what this person finds attractive. In other words, target yourself for magic, not somebody else. Seek your own ascent and all things you want will come to you.

Non magic route: Have you tried just talking to the other person and stating your feelings?

This of course is just my opinion. It is not intended to get a rise out of you or challenge your methods.


If it’s not a serious relationship, whats stopping you from just moving in?

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This is how these entities work.
Deception.She is being led into a rose coloured view with the other person and then boom, in one blow the perception will be shattered hitting her where it hurts the most.Then she rolls back to you.

Patience, my friend.

And have a heart big enough to take back someone who left you/ignored you when they are hurt when they come back.

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Thanks everyone for their replies, but anyone speak to Rosier or Sallos on my behalf to see whats going on please

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I can look into it, but I don’t think I can give you accurate reading.
But my Intuition is strong enough to give you some clue about it.

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