GOM books

Anyone here into GOM books? I’m reading “words of power” and “the greater magickal angels”.


You mean Damon Brand’s books?

I have a few. They’re alright. Some have worked for me and some have not.

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I have others also. Some people talk wonders about them but I’m not sure. It is a quite simple system to believe it works, isn’t? I think all his success is just because that but I think even a simple system must be worked with strong intent. I have thought about doing some little changes, I’m not an expert but to me there are some inconsistencies in the God’s names used in the invocations. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see much utility on the “sigils” of “words of power”, in fact they are not sigils per se.

The Words of Power are basic Hebrew taken from the Kabbalah and put together in a unique way. Same with the sigils. They combined bits and pieces from their sources and created something uniquely their own. Don’t knock it just because it is simple. Magick doesn’t have to be complicated. Candle magick is as simple as it gets, but no one disputes its efficacy. And simplicity is the beauty of EA’s system. He did away with the trappings of traditional ceremonial magick and stripped it down to the necessities.

If I were you, I would not alter anything. You may think you know what is what, but the chances are very good that you don’t, and thus will short circuit everything. The Damon Brand books are mostly invocations. You are not evoking the angels, so much as calling upon their power to move in your life. The only success I’ve had with Brand’s books, was with the Words of Power. The Magical Cashbook was a complete failure for me.


I understand but there are several misspellings on God’s names accordingly to Qabalah. For example, I did some little changes in the names in Nitikah’s invocation and it worked best than the other times I did it. In fact I only do Nitikah’s invocation, without the cashbook, I use a parchment of green paper to write the sum I need and a green candle inscribed and anointed as support. Now for the “words of power” I’m not intending to do changes because I really don’t know any resources for researches.

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So you didn’t actually use the cashbbok? You just did your own invocation of Nitika? Glad it worked, but it also means you didn’t actually use the system as set out by Brand.

Brand says in his books that the system of the Gallery of Magick is based on much older sources, so it is very possible that the spellings could be different from what is commonly held to be correct in the kabbalah. Modern kabbalah is usually Golden Dawn inspired, and not the actual true historical Judaic mystical system. The misspellings could also be typos in the printing process. It is hard to know without knowing the sources.

As I said, I had no success with the cashbook, but I also had no success with the Nitika invocation set forth in NAP, so it could be that that particular spirit just doesn’t like me. The Words of Power worked for me, maybe because the one i used was directed internally, and not externally to effect some event. That’s just a guess; I don’t really know why it worked but the cashbook didn’t. Others on this forum have had great success with Nitika, and it seems you have too.

Have you tried any of the other books?


I had tried some words of power and nothing! So I decided to do them my way, without gazing to the “sigils”. I have been into Psalms magick and I thought about doing the words of power the same way I do the Psalms, with a “religious fervor”. Regarding Nitika (I always put an “h” at the end lol) I corrected the words and it worked best. In fact I use a green candle along with its sigil, it is kinda a magickal support or maybe an offering… I am aware of Damon Brand’s advice about changing things but those words sound wrong in my ears, maybe it is because I am accustomed to a different speech. In fact most of the systems I have worked gave me only subjective and questionable results. So I decided to work magick in a more practical way for tangible results.


Whatever works for you and makes the magick your own :+1:

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Nitika in the “Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana”:

Genii of the Sixth Hour: TABRIS, genius of free will. SUSABO, genius of voyages. EIRNILUS, genius of fruits. NITIKA, genius of precious stones. HAATAN, genius who conceals treasures. HATIPHAS, genius of attire. ZAREN, avenging genius.

Explanation: The magus is free ; he is the occult king of the earth, and he traverses it as one passing through his own domain. In his voyages he becomes acquainted with the juices of plants and fruits, and with the virtues of precious stones ; he compels the genius who conceals the treasures of nature to deliver him all his secrets ; he thus penetrates the mysteries of form ; understands the vestures of earth and speech ; and if he be misconstrued, if the nations are inhospitable towards him, if he pass doing good but receiving outrages, then is he ever followed by the avenging genius.


I Have used the 72 Magickal Angels with success. I have also modified the ritual to call 2 of the Genii mentioned above. Its worth looking into.


I’ve had success with one of the angels.

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@Sortiarus When you say you did the WOP and it didn’t work - are you sure you gave it long enough? I did a couple for career and at first I thought it hadn’t worked but it took 4 months, built up gradually and is still working now.

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The Gordon Winterfield books are really good.


Agreed @dollarvaluemenu! He is my favourite GOM author and Angels of Wrath is probably my favourite of his - it’s an astounding book - I’ve had a lot of success with that one. Magickal Attack also.


I have not read Angels of Wraith yet but if it’s like 72 Demons of Magick and Magickal Attack then it will be great.

I agree with you in that he is also my favorite GOM author. I don’t know if he is doing any more books though.


I’d say the rituals are simpler than Demons of Magick, but yet complex in their own way. There is a process you do before the ritual called The Stillness, which is great. He uses angels in there I never heard of. But it works. And quite fast too. Sadly, they’ve said Gordon W won’t be writing any more books. :slightly_frowning_face:


My big questioning is the correct pronounce of the words. I’ve learned that invocations must be done correctly for best results, I don’t think saying names wrongly will bring results, i guess it can do the opposite, maybe it is why most of people doesn’t succeed with them. I know intend plays an important role but invocations are about vibrating words. IMO all those hyphen between syllables make them more confuse, to me it would be better to present the entire word and then the pronounce between brackets.

I have all of the Damon Brand Books except the newest one, The Mystical Words of Power
Not sure if I will buy it.

I’ve had success with the most ghetto cash book ever. I didn’t receive $100,000, but received what I asked for in ways I could never imagine.

Words of Power worked quite well for me,too.

Didn’t really try the works in his other books. I grew tired of them

The magical cashbook is a good book I’ve done 2 rituals so far and both were successful, I have however started with asking for small amount making my way up ! It’s very easy aswell

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what kind of success have you had?