Golden flash on light

Has anyone ever experienced this while meditating?

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Not specifically, but I think while meditating you can see all kinds of different things. And while awake too, if you work on your third eye you can start to see “blue pearls” or smudges at random times so seeing stuff isn’t unusual.


I have seen whitw flashes but never a gold

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I see blue dots randomly. Even blue smudges that just sit there and fade.


Mine are purple. The more energy work and meditation I do, the more frequent they become. When I slack off, they’re less frequent. I’ve seen one once with my eyes open during ritual.

You know why they happen

Not really. I assume they’re spirits because I first noticed them at bedtime when I thank the spirits I work with for their help before I fall asleep.

This happened after i did the temple of acending flame project

I saw a purple eye.

Archangels have such a golden light aura with golden light shower, for example Samael and Metatron

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