Going Under the Knife: Gnosis of The Dark Gods

Im doing a possesion with the Dark Gods of the ONA collectively known as the Nekalah. They showed me something as I was reading upon the Shinto God of Evil, Amatsu-Mikaboshi.
This is what Followed.

The Script
If you read upon almost every “Satan” figure in history, the script is nearly the same.

● They are “primordial” and exists in the void before the universe.

● The Gods somehow come along and take over.

● The “Satan” figure is locked in an Eternal Struggle against the Gods, reclaiming so called lost territory and endeavoring to corrupt man which is the “creation of the Gods”.

This is not how it seems to be in the eyes of the Dark Ones.

Deleted Scenes
It almost seems like the above was a plot contrived by the Gods themselves as a form of trickery upon man. But we know better.

This Universe belonged to the Dark Gods Originally. Binah Ath was their home. It is a star Gate near the physical planet Saturn. Across from this was the Void.

Outside the void, energetic traces of lifeforms and Excess emotions existed and lingeres around. Various embodiments of Silence (not chaos, ill explain later) roamed about here as well.

The Gods we know of today came from another universe altogether through the Void. The Light itself is foreign to this universe and came because it is its nature to Expand And Conquer.

They came in two Distinct groups:

The Masculine Gods were known as Yang and The Feminine Goddesses were known as Yin.
The Nature of These Light Gods conflicted with the Silence and gave birth to Chaos. This caused things to be put in ever consuming motion with periods of Stasis.

The Gods of Light came with the Agenda of establishing Order and Justice. Which in plain english translates to:

A place for every energy and every energy in its place.
Appears kind and loving but look at how tyrannical it sounds. That kind of Order creates Stasis, the ceasing of movement. If A thing is not allowed to change and grow, it putrifies intellectually, spiritually, energetically, and becomes a slave.

This results when a System is being forced to stay in one state and it rebels against the constraints being put on it. The nature of the thing will not allow it to remain the same, let alone be in servitude to someone that restrains and prevents its growth.

Chaos is actually an Element of Light and not of Darkness. Darkness is Silence. It is the Sound of an Army approaching in the middle of the night that no one hears until they are THERE.

It is the making of Plans and the enacting of them bringing sudden swift defeat.

It is silent sound. It is pretending to be a slave while working out your own Godhood and Power, performing your will in the World.

Mankind does not exist to worship any being whatsoever except themselves. Through Worship, you restrain your own development. The Light of the God you then worship, consumes your Vitality and your drive to progress and grow intellectually, spiritually, magically, etc.

You then become a slave. If however you take your own Light and Steal the Light from the Gods for yourself, you will convert that Light to progress…which is Evil.

Yes The Darkness is Evil. Absolute Evil. Because it is Progress. By any means necessary. It is Genius. Intelligence. Creativity. Thought. Intuition. And Evil is Smart, indeed. It is how we got to where we are now.

The Dark Gods
The Dark Gods are Gods of Progress through destruction of Stasis. So are Demons. This channeling of Power occurs on multiple levels…

● Through the Intellect

● Through Creating something Hellish and dark

● Art, writing, debate, etc

● Magic of Course

As you work with these Dark Gods they will channel their power through you in these ways and more. Your discernment will increase. Your Critical thinking skills will become sharper. You will start to merge meditation and intellect and art to unleash Hellfire/Destruction. Even in mundane Debates such as politics.

Ahriman is one such being. And although i do not walk the path of smoke, i have come to understand that all stasis in my life must be destroyed in order to continue. Silence is necessary for this while you craft your plans. Meidtate on Darkness and Let it saturate your mind/intellect/creativity.

That was tiring. Hope yall enjoyed that shit. Comment below and lets get to talking about this shit.

Peace Out,
The Grand Demon :ok_hand::metal: