Going to start practising Law of attraction and being grateful more

I remember posting something here about LOA and asking if it had any validity. I started thinking about it and thought to myself ‘I’m going to start being more grateful.’ It’s not about the wish aspect, I’m not looking for anything. But I would like to stop taking so many things in my life for granted, thus making me happier. I’ve been down lately. Life can be cruel which is why it’s so important to see the bright side. I’ll also stop worrying about things that I can’t change and things that aren’t my problem or responsibility to deal with. i.e. I’ve been seeing a single father who has kids and his son is being bullied. I wanted to sort it out and got really worried about it, but then the guy reminded me that it was his problem, not mine and I haven’t even met his son.


Law of attraction is powerful, it also contributes to change how you think.

For example, you said “life can be cruel…”

A better form of thinking would be, 'life has obstacles to overcome`

Just to help you out a bit


Thanks for your comment. I also have been getting rid of negative mindsets for example if someone asks me to do something or go somewhere I always think ‘this better be worth it’ instead I’ll start thinking ‘I’m sure it’ll be worth it.’

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Close but that itself can still use adjustment. It’s a process you’ll get there.

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In my life I have seen it in action only in negative outcomes because I’m a chronic worrier but listening to people who participate in Abraham Hicks workshops it is clear that it works for positive outcomes too. Abraham makes it sound so easy :open_mouth:


There are better sites to discuss LOA etc - someone just posted something but it makes you wonder about those who in order to Attract the big Lottery Win end up throwing money they need for important day to day things on scratch offs, gambling and so on.

“Oh the LOA MUST be around here somewhere - just one more play…”

I can see why Timothy removed that thread!

Yes, go ahead it works wonders but like anything else don’t get caught up in living for a future gain that you end up in a mess in the present.


One time it helped when I made a list of several of the things that I worried about throughout the years and next to them I write the actual outcome. I was amazed to see that none of the things I worried about came to pass. It showed me that I had wasted time worrying.

Also after my mom passed I adopted a much more live in the moment attitude because unfortunately my mom was always talking like she was going to have 10 lives to do things .”not today I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Then her tomorrow’s ran out.

Not to sound morbid but that really pushes me to live to the hilt everyday. I feel it’s one of the lessons that she’s taught me since she passed on.

I’m happy for you and believe me it does work :slight_smile: being grateful and living in the moment

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CARPE DIEM!! :stuck_out_tongue:

also makes me think of a quote that I read in a book about divination “the present is now the past, the future is already here.”

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How would you rephrase that?

Still sets you up for failure because if there is anything slightly negative you will drop any positivity.

Better to more focus on what you know will be good about whatever even if it is small And not directly related.

Please can you PM me?

If possible I try to avoid PM, I’m no professional. Others would probably have better advice than me.

I am just a wizard :ghost:

I just wanted to ask you something.

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Post your question here, as I said I am not knowledgeable in everything so if I can’t answer a question someone else can, plus PM’s make me feel committed to response.