Going to start college at 38 years old (learning and development help)

I’m getting ready to start college at 38 years old, I’m pursuing a Bachelors in Business Operations Project Management, all in an effort to grow and prosper with the current company I work for and the obvious of making more money.

I dropped out of school half way through my senior year of high school, my counselor told me he never met anyone that hated school as much as I did. School bored me, very little of it was interesting to me. I had no where near enough credits to graduate so I said screw it and quit.

Now 20 years later I’m seeing the error of my ways and want to go get a degree. However, I have a hard time focusing and a hard time with retention of things I read/study.

I’ve never been officially diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but my old doctor told me I had it but never did anything about it. I’ve experimented with Adderal as I have a friend that is on it and when I was on it I was laser focused. That said I’d much rather approach my inattention and lack of retention from a more natural spiritual approach.

All said, I’m reaching out to see what all of you suggest. Should I just accept the “traditional” medications or is my wish to approach it from a spiritual angle a viable option.

Those that haven’t seen previous posts of mine, a little preface.

I’m a very new practioner of the left hand path, I first started with Bune and she was, and still is amazing and treating me well with money help. My second and work and the strongest pull I’ve ever felt to an entity, spirit, God, is Lucifer. My relationship with Lucifer, while new, is very Dad like, I believe because I asked him to be my spiritual father. I cannot yet hear or see Lucifer but he has done things that get my attention; eg. I asked Lucifer to help me break some bad habits and the other night like a defiant child I decided to involve myself in one of these bad habits, shortly I had a thermos slapped against the wall, I thought it was weird but carried on, second later the lid of the thermos was taken off and thrown on the floor, needless to say it got my attention, at least he didn’t throw it at me :joy:. So I got up, picked up the lid and was told to wash it. So I washed the lid and in a very dad like way I recieved the thought, “no, wash your daughters thermos!” I did as I was told, it had some curdled milk in it as my wife usually does the dishes and so I washed it and put it on the wrack to dry. After that I lit my candles and incense and opened Lucifers sigil and thanked him for intervening and distracting me from the bad habit.

Sorry for the long description of my workings thus far but wanted to be thorough.

Should I turn to my spiritual “Dad” Lucifer for help with my upcoming school venture or should I reach out to another entity/demon for educational help with focus and retention of what I learn and keep my relationship with Lucifer on that fatherly level that I feel I get from him? I can’t wait till I can hear him, he gives me great visions both sleeping and awake and I’m very grateful, I thank him often. I love you Lucifer, Hail Lucifer!


Yes. Lucifer will help you. Also, King Paimon will help with your learning and focus.

It won’t be easy, but stick with it. I’m 39 myself in a similar situation. I graduated high school long ago at 18. I didn’t finish college.

Never stop learning. It’s never to late.

Bune, Lucifer, Belial and King Paimon are helping me also. And they will continue to help you too.


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If you are close with tarot cards I would recommend an evokation of the 8 of pentacles (and the Emperor)

if you are not you can do a simple trick to start linking yourself with that archetype: work with 8 coins at a plate at your altar, rearrange them everyday in a pattern and structure that has some sense, asking your higher self or unconscious mind to guide you. Focus on the task. then when you are out of focus during your studies, give yourself order and structure by using the same method you used for the coins

if you set up the 8 coins in your altar, put your intention on them so they focus you

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Hey :wave:
I’m at the end of a double degree in families, societies and health; and psychological science.

I went back to university after spending ten years in hospitality. The grind was really hardcore, the work was okay but the payout wasn’t worth it. So I decided to go back to basics and get a degree - increase my capacity to make money in a rewarding way. I’m glad I did. I have a great job now with substantially more money and room to grow and move. It’s definitely a worthwhile pursuit!

If you don’t have a diagnosis it might be worthwhile getting one? Medication is really effective for people with ADD/ADHD, close to 70% success rates across all levels of quality of life, including interpersonal, education and in work. But it’s really down to you whether you want to or not :tipping_hand_woman:

There’s also some really great non-medication approaches to study that help people with ADHD and ADD, it might be worth looking at google or for foundations that support people with ADHD/ADD. It might be helpful having a look at the DSM-5 and seeing where you lie within a diagnosis? Although keep in mind, self diagnosis isn’t usually a great idea :joy: things can get awry :joy::joy:

Spiritually, I find journaling and meditation are really helpful. Keeps my mind focused on my goals; also means I’m effective in driving my life forward. Although, this might not be effective for you if you’ve got ADHD/ADD. There might be something that works for you?

Also, it might be worth having a look at V.K Jehannum’s wordpress https://vkjehannum.wordpress.com/. He’s got some really great resources for lots of different demons; there might be some more study/education specific entities to work with.

Although, it sounds like you’re working on a great relationship with Lucifer, so it might be worth continuing to work with him.

I hope that’s helpful :tipping_hand_woman::joy:
Good luck!

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It’s always a good idea to get officially tested for learning disabilities. There are other types of learning issues with symptoms similar to ADHD, and not every learning problem is easily treated with medications. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and establishment of a regular schedule for studying and an organizational system for keeping up with all assignments are also helpful. I have found it helpful to invoke various deities associated with wisdom, education and intelligence such as Ganesha, Hermes, Saraswati, etc. although my personal favorite has been Athena. When performing such invocations on a regular basis I was lead to read books and articles on improving study skills, adult neuroplasticity, and TED talks by professors such as Barbara Oakley on “Learning how to learn,” which are really helpful for overcoming learning difficulties and mastering new subjects.

The Ars Notoria has a number of incantations for memory and learning, though I’m not sure how effective they are.
My grandfather, a very successful physician and researcher (I come from a Hindu family) actually gave me a scroll with an English translation of the Gayatri mantra on it and advised me to recite it before exams-it’s probably most effective if you are truly drawn to that particular tradition.

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