Going to Salem

Officially booked my trip to Salem MA. Super stoked about it


Just got back from Maine so was close by. The weather is beautiful. Enjoy!

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Thank you

Also try not to be burned on a stake or something…It would really suck


Is that still a thing in america? :joy:


Nope…America has full freedom of religion and witchcraft is a religion to them.If someone kills a witch they get legaly persecuted and go to prison like any normal murder


Salem is a fun town. It has one of the most open magickal communiites in the world, of nearly every discipline. If you get a chance to check it out, the Hermetic Arts Learning Center is a neat shop.

I’m going there in October with the family for some Samhain fun. Probably going to leave them in a hotel one of the nights I am there and see if I can go play with the other magickians and witches, lol.


Im going in October as well

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Yes I could imagine that… I was thinking more about some extreme christians who live in the hinterlands or something like that (since america is this big) :thinking:

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Well I don’t know since I don’t live in America.I live in Bosnia which is 6th poorest country in Europe and it’s very undeveloped compared to the western world(Not as undeveloped as Africa with all of desease and stuff but still sucks) and there aren’t any witch hunts here so I think America is safe…


Oh no, that sucks I’m sorry for you… but aren’t the moslems a problem in your country? They don’t accept other religions ime…

In my country they have to accept others.We were in a war from 1992 to 1995 (thankfully I wasn’t born yet) and Muslims were fighting Serbs.There was a genocide and USA and UN forced peace between the nations.Plus only 48 or 53% of county are Muslims(depends on who you ask) so they cannot force much of their religion.It’s for the better

isn’t there also a Salem Oregon?

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if you are a liberal the alt right might chase you down with tiki torches and polo shirts

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I wont he there on Halloween though. To bad. Thats awesome youre going that weekend

Here is me wondering if my past life has been in Salem. Thinking about that city feels nostalgic to me and I have never visited it. Haven’t even been to the States yet, but I surely would love to visit it.