Going to church as a black magician

So, if you don’t know I’m 15, about to be 16 and my christian grandma still takes me to christian church with her even tho she knows I’m a magician. Of course I don’t like this and end up sleeping through the sermon, but if I do stay awake I end up laughing the entire thing because its bullshit and every time after church she always asks me “could u feel the holy spirit” I always say no, but I do feel Lucifer. My question is: Is Lucifer upset with me and is that why he is showing up? and second: Is it ok to go to a church when you work with these powerful spirits?

just an fyi: I have used the search bar to find the answer and only got something vague and I want a more direct answer (hence the topic)

I doubt.



No, Lucifer is not upset with you. Yes, you can go to church.

There are plenty of magicians on this forum who go to church for one reason or another. Some do it to feed on the free energy, some do it because they like how it feels, and some do it for more personal reasons.

It will not anger the spirits. Most aren’t bothered by it at all. @succupedia recently told me that Lilith had no problems with being in church, and it didn’t disrupt his connection to Her in any way (he is married to Her).

There are some very dark practices that can make it painful to be in church, but those are pretty extreme paths and not for everyone. If the energy bothers you, put a shield around yourself, but I doubt it would be necessary.

Just smile and nod and enjoy the time with your grandma.


Man this Anti-Christian and Occult thing is too strong in the west. Had to born in the West to understand the sentiment.


for the sake of not creating a new topic I’m gonna switch gears, I’m actually looking to find a daemon to help get my family to become magicians (including my grandma) and I was wondering who you guys recommended to help me achieve this.


You cannot force Ascent upon others. If you do, then you are doing nothing more than religious conversion, and trying to force your views on your family, in the same way your grandma is doing when she asks you if you felt the Holy Spirit. Most demons are against that, as they are anti authoritarian. Ascent is a personal choice they have to make themselves and its really not your place to force it on someone.


I can see your point but what I was trying to say and possibly didn’t convey properly was that I wanted them to do a group ritual with me then make their own mind and hopefully they make that choice on their own, and I want to know which demon would help me with that

I thought that the Forum was 18 and up only?

On point, Lucifer is not going to punish you for going to church with your grandmother.

I sat through a few Mass services with a Catholic friend of mine because she needed a ride, Lucifer didn’t get mad at me.

You can pretty much rest assured that Lucifer understands your situation.

Instead of trying to turn your entire family into Black magicians, how about simply doing a ritual to make your family more accepting of your choice, or, find a spirit that will help you to hide your practices.

Remember, and I don’t mean this in any kind of negative way, but you are still a kid, and, being a kid, you are going to need to live with somebody until you get out of school, so grin, Barrett, and don’t disrespect these people because that is their way of trying to get you to do good.

My grandparents and my uncle and Aunt all forced me to go to church out of the belief that it would make me a good person.

Just allow your grandparents to take you to church, and act like you care. Whenever you move out, you can fill your house with whatever the hell you want to. Posters of Marilyn Manson, skulls laying everywhere, death metal music playing in the background, and a bunch of beautiful black cats roaming through your house, however, if you sacrifice one of them, you’ll have to answer to someone.

The forum rules said nothing about being 18 and up, I am a little surprised about that to, but rest assured that my only intent on this entire forum is to gain knowledge as I am still relatively new to the occult and black magick

As Christians, the only ritual your family would willingly participate in with you would be Mass. Magick is against the tenets of their religion, so there is no demon I know of that would make that possible if they are devout, and from your description of your grandma, it appears she is. If you sought to influence them with a demon, the chances are pretty good that they will seek protection from their God, and devout prayers are very powerful for that. A truly devout and heartfelt prayer can repel almost anything. It’s the religious version of a banishing ritual. Those little old ladies mumbling over their rosaries wield more power than most magicians.


I’m pretty regular in and out of churches for mere professional reasons. Never had any consequences :woman_shrugging:t2:


Hmm, come to think about it, my mum is a Buddhism, will it affect if I am working with Azazel? I mean Buddhism have the tendency to have those statues at home, like my mum, she have Guan Yin… Is that the reason why I can’t feel Azazel?

Faith, will power, and intent.

That shit is a fucking protection ritual in and of itself, and it can’t be overlooked.


yea, not to be mean to my grandma or anything, but she has no will power, she is very easily convinced and relies completely on just thinking about reading her bible at 4:30 in the morning.

For the record, this forum is open to anyone of any age, as long as it is understood that adult content (ie discussions of sex, porn and ritual murder) is available here (which is why parental controls block it).

Back on topic, that does NOT mean she has no will power. Her will is simply backed up by her faith, which means she already possesses two parts of the trifecta required for powerful prayers. If you send a spirit her way, you will provide her with the third piece, intent, and her power will be fortified to “repel the evil spirit” trying to temp her to forsake her faith.

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Copy that

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As far as I know, this can’t happen. You will either try to mind manipulate them all (which probably will be very hard due to your lack of experience) or you’ll let them choose themselves. But in general we don’t force anyone to ascend, there is no branch of the Occult I know of that approves proselytization of any kind. Not even the kids who were born in an Occultist family are forced to follow the path. That would make us nothing better than everyone else who try to convert people, exactly what @DarkestKnight said.

Given your very young age, I think you should consider yourself lucky that your family didn’t took any harder countermeasures. I know If I was in your place at this age, my family would send me to a therapist to start with…There are magicians way older than you who still have to hide in the closet. So appreciate that your religious grandma knows what you’re up to but still cares for you.


my grandma has tried to put me in youth groups, but we live in 2 different parts of the state so thats really hard to do and the family I live with doesn’t go to a church so they won’t, the only thing my family says is “I don’t want that kind of thing around me”

I think you should just do what teenagers throughout the world do, and grin and bear it. It is your family, and currently they are the ones responsible for providing the necessities of life for you.

Children everywhere rebel against their parents at your age, so calling yourself a “black magician” right now is really no different in their eyes. Whether it is heavy metal music, or weird fashion choices, you are at that stage of development where you want everything you do to be different from what your family does because you are still sorting yourself out as an individual.

My advice is just to keep doing your thing, and let your family believe whatever they want about it. Most likely they will just consider it a “phase,” which is great because that means they won’t try to stop you. I was a theatre geek at your age, and I’m sure my dad wanted me to do more “manly” pursuits, like sports, but he let me do my thing because he thought it was just a phase I was going through. I didn’t care, as long as i was allowed to do what I wanted to do.

Don’t worry about what your family does or does not believe. Pursue your magick, but follow their rules (like no chanting demonic enns at the dinner table) until you no longer have to.