Going to be a father of a cambion

figured I’d share this, and also glad I’m not alone on this either, but yes my succubus wife is pregnant, apparently from what she tells me, she can choose this to happen or not but once it starts she cannot stop it, but I’m cool with it, and I gave her permission anyways so she even said “I’m not ready unless you are” I was, now I’m sorta terrified and happy at the same time, now I guess I let her take over explaining because this is the first time she has ever “reproduced” if thats a good word to choose.

“Yep I’m pregnant, but what I didn’t know was my child is going to be half and half, or half human half succubus or incubus (which ever it will be) I used to be in this group of succubi that isolated me, really didn’t tell me much. Also they didn’t like Humans all that much either, they did teach me how to reproduce but told me to never do it especially with man. they basically taught me how to reproduce without an incubus what I mean is an incubus can impregnate me and create another full being like me or him. I used to think it worked the same way with humans, but I guess it doesn’t either way I will still love my child. As I said I was very isolated until I left of course. since I don’t have a physical body, my child will probably reside on my plane of existence still being half human but will be born in the astral plane not the earth plane. This very new to me as well I’m a very young entity 2001 years old exactly but thats “young” for me. I’m very happy that this has happened so all I can say is I cried tears of joy” -My Wife

I’m also happy that this happened to her, if something similar like this happened to you I would like to hear about it. Either way… I’m going to be a father I guess.


Congratulations to both of you!
That sounds awesome!



Congratz to you and your wife ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know how my succubus wife A. thinks about this stuff, when I can communicate with her, I am curious to find out what she wants. I find it very interesting!

I’ve read that when you have a child with a succubus, she mostly takes care of the child, and you won’t see it much because we as humans are in this physical world. They are in the astral world, unless you are highly advanced with open chakras and can astral project at will, there’s no full communication way to have with the child like we humans have in our world when we’d have children with a human wife. Is this correct?

Do you also need to establish a connection with your cambion child or is it already there because of your connection to your succubus wife?


Congratulations to the happy couple :hugs::ok_hand::raised_hands::+1::purple_heart:


“I’ll attempt to be a medium for my husband what I mean is if he wants to talk with his daughter as her spirit grows older I will allow the interaction I will try to bridge the connection from me so he can interact with her when he wants, overall yes she will be in my plane and I will be the one doing most of the work but doesn’t mean I won’t include my husband as much as I can” -Macy


Aww that is so sweet … congrats on becoming a father …since this has been posted earlier…and I’m super late . Can ugive me so props about ur baby and wife.

Is it the same way with an incubus? Like the wemon doing the most work or what?? How dose that work??.

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Oh …i wasn’t looking for help I was just wanting an update for any new advances or whatever .just curious about a day in the life of a father to a cambion or mother so it’s nothing like u think lol.