Going through changes

So I’m beginning to doubt magic. I’m going to come out of this stronger whether magic is real or not. I’m confident that this struggle will improve me

This has been brought on by the fact that science probably would have discovered magick by now if it was real.

Quantum physics.


What do you mean? Is quantum physics explaining that Lucifer exists? not trying to be disrespectful btw❤️

the breaking point between physics and alchemy is that physics uses 4 elements,
alchemy 5.

Throughout hundreds of years,
they co-existed,
and it’s easy to think,
that due to our knowledge,
they might know aswell.

it’s a fact.

Many of the things we see,
and consider normal in our lifes,
are still completely impossible to grasp,
for them.

They deny the spirit,
and as long as they do,
they can’t fully grasp what we do.

The moment they incorporate the spirit within their practice,
they no longer are Physics,
but alchemists,
and therefore,
on league with us.

Do they understand that there is a sun,
radiating heat and giving life to all of us?

on some level they do.

Do they understand,
that it’s absolutely possible,
to commune directly with that sun,
to have conversation with it,
and work in aligance with the forces of nature?

Not so much.

And you can see that,
when you take a look on all their attempts,
to grasp it,
falling short,
and being blocked by their own perception.

After all,
it’s a huge part,
of why this world gone into misery so much.

Because they deny the Living spirits,
and they refuse to commune with the spiritual realm.

what i think.

what we gods,
between the worlds have watched,
and still continues to this day.

there’s work going on,
which reveals to them,
that there is more,
then they can currently grasp.

But that work,
is ours,
and we carry it out.

If you feel,
there’s something missing in your life,
or that others might become stronger then you are:
Note to yourself,
what exactly that is.

And how you,
can tackle that problem.

If you’re concerned of Quantum physics prooving lucifers existence,
to those,
who’re not able to see him;

Ask yourself:

Is it better for them to remain blind,
and unable to see him?

Or is it better for them,
to realize his true being,
and that he’s been here with us,
all along.

Once you’ve made up your mind,
and answered that question,
for yourself,
act accordingly.




It explains that everything exists. Why don’t you look it up on YouTube?


The scientific method hasn’t even unraveled consciousness yet.


Ral Satrynali Saydir razsu necteré.