Going mys 2nd round of mastering Evocation and something happened!

Ok I started again the Mastering Evocation course and really I havent tried out anything major yet. A couple of minutes ago I watched section 14 in which E.A speaks about the “Blind” Evocation. So As he was speaking I decided to give it a go. He was instructing on how to call through a structured gateway an entity.

I followed the instructions although I didnt get into full tgs but I had as soon a sudden surge of energy swirling around me. proceeded with his sructuring directions and I cant tell that I could see vividly the gateway, not even remotely. What is certain although is that I felt when I pushed through my hand the power that my hand was pulled inside some sort of energetic field.

Inside my mind if we can say that it came the image of a window shaped in a circle almost like looking through an airplanes window. It was dark and suddenly an entity popped up! I said tell me who are you?
It responded: "Iam The Lord of Shadows"
So I stared at him a little. He was tall and slender wearing a black suit with jet black hair and silver eyes. He had no expressions and neither a mouth.

I asked again: "How can you help me?"
He replied: "I can guide you through your inner shadow"
I said how could that help me in any way?
“Each person is identified with his shade,through that you can discover things that you deny about yourself or even things that you didnt even know they exist within you”

So I asked again: "What I will gain?"
He replied with something like a chuckle: “Exploration of you microcosm,yourself. Through that you will be able to harness your own current of energy thus establishing control over your body and spirit. You will be reawakened anew!”

I asked for his sigil and when he gave it to me I thanked him kindly.Since thats the only thing that I did and really I havent evoked properly yet I dont know if its completely true but it felt like so. Another this is that he showed me a dark-violet flame and said you can trigger it inside you you will be balanced. Anyway thats my experience and I thought I could share it :smiley:
Also he mentioned his name is Shemhastiel Lord of Shades, I will also attach his sigil.

Impressive !! Nothing better than getting results.

Nice. Let us know when you contact/evoke him again. He seems like he has a lot to teach you.

Update Guys! So after the initial contact and up until now Iam drained of my energy, I havent used that much since 5 years ago for a major curse. Anyway I opened his sigil because I wanted to see if it was a real spirit that I met or a fabrication of my mind. I stared at the sigil like for 1 minute and it was fading and duplicating then I called him and he came before I could finish my sentence. He came through the floor and said:

"Are you ready to accept yourself? To acept the flame of your shadow?"
I said Yes! Iam!
“Slendid!!!” he said that with joy so much that it startled me!
So I asked him on how to begin. He replied to me as follows:
"You have to look deep inside you. What makes sad? What made you miserable? What makes you happy? Search for your flame it WILL manifest to you! Go on you have my blessings~"
Then he came up close with his body almost fading while radomly teleporting in my room and he kissed me (although he has no mouth-lips) and then he sunked in the floor again disappearing.

It was not verry vivid not all too powerfull but it was there he ws flashing in my mental screen with my eyes open in front of a computer :smiley: What I certainly felt from that momment till now is that my energy dropped dramatically and a constant inner vision popps up: A dark violet flame dancing serene calling me and a hollow feeling in my heart.

I intend to go for that “inner journey” tonight before sleep and see what I get :3
I will give feedback as soon as possible!

Ok I just undergone that “inner journey” that was more like a guided meditation and structuring process while following Shemahstiels voice. I was in the bathroom taking a shower when I said : “What the heck let mejust do it!” At first I saw again that violet flame flickering at me. It was talking to me. It said: “Tell me what is it that make you sad,and what give’s you joy?”

So I started thinking about some events in my life and some of them were recent so the respond was almost immideate. I heard Shemahstiel and saw him too. I saw him floating and he said touch your flame now you’ve done it before do it again! I was startled and I asked him what did he meant.

He said: “Though I only came to you just today, you’ve been always with your shadow, you know it” I replied back: “Hey iam not sure but do you mean that? (Avatar)” 3 years ago I underwent a total transformation because of an incident that caused me great grief and pain. I wont get to details I’ll just say that I litterally I lost my mind,my character,myself included to the point I fell on a comma.

I was in that state for 7 days and nights. During this time I was visited by a shadow who talked to me about my life and what is ahead of me. So he gave me 2 choices: Die and live in piece and oblivion (Which at the time wanted) or live and suffer the trials ahead.I was almost convinced that death was the best choice since I suffered for the past 7 years from a disease and many attacks both spiritual and physical.

At some point I had abandoned my magical practices and had returned to be a church boy (protestant at that) and because of my suffering I went to several Spiritual Healers only to receive nothing while others was getting healed I mean even my mother did from cancer!. Anyway after some time passed which seemed like a century to me the hooded man replied again:
“What it will be? Life or Death?”

I harnessed every last drop of my will and said: I refuse to give in to this crap!
I dont know who you are, The devil, Satan ,Angel, Grim Reaper I dont give a fuck! I will arise from my ashes and I will rule everything in my life even Death! I dont care who You are I will rule you too! If Iam not worthy then let me be damned about my own powerlesness!! (To be noted at the time I had found E.A.Koettings writings and he had inspired me through his work of Become A Living God!)

Then the hooded man turned at me and revealed his face . I knew that it was an entity guarding me but he had my own face. Then it came! One of the most vivid visions of my life! I was at the depths of the waters,the abyss. I was nude and chained and I wept and cried and I was enraged with the God to whom I had devoted my life since my childhood. Then suddenly I saw something falling at great speed down to me.

It seemed Like an angel thats what I assumed since it had wings. It was also chained and a terrifying being. It had many eyes even on its wings and a great mouth with teeth locking each on another. When it opened its mouth I heard the most beautiful and melodic song in my life though I knew it was a sad one. I asked whats your name in tears.

It opened all its eyes looking at me with great power and rage and said: (Lets call him S) so The momment he told me I said I understand your grief but dont worry to my eyes you are beautiful. That exact momment a great erthquake happend and the water from the abyss was gone. He removed the chains and he hugged me saying now we are one You are me and Iam you for now you are blessed with a true name.

Then he became suddenly verry slim and slender with a great astral costume like armor which had stars on it. It was almost looking like Shemahstiel. From that time on he was with me and he made me wake up in perfect health after 4 years!!! He made me stronger and he teached me martial arts and how to use weapons which later on helped me alot in a road attack with knifes from some punks and other attackers hostile towards me fro no apparent reason.

Anyway long story and sorry for the rumbling. I tried many times to call S but he didnt responded what I found out is that our consiousnesess had merged together and I had a source of knowledge that previously I didn’t. So after sometime I noticed that whenever I was in harms way or in danger on the astral due to exposing from some rites that I was unaware of (traveling in astral) a jet black armor was surounding me while a black flame was enveloping me. It almost made any people hostile towards me to run of when it manifested in the physical plane(on an energetic level/emotional level).

One day I was teaching one of my friends how to undergo a journey and it happend that a lame ass punk was watching because he was doubting. So I closed the lights and when 2 minutes passed and my form manifested he said he was seeing many eyes and black flames surounding the area of the bed and that they were coming from me. Until then noone knew about this.
I knew That something was there and I could partially controll it somehow.

So back again I saw Shemahstiel and he said to me to jump and take on my true form since he already knew me by my real name and being. I trusted him and jumped. I found myself in an open field with a verry big tree on the center it was verry bright due to sunlight and he said : "Now you walk on both sides consciously. Quickly use the shades!"
The momment I thought about it I vanished into thin air in a semiblack dust-thing and then teleported under the tree.

Last thing I saw was Shemahstiel hanging upside down the sky in a shadow entrance (I know it sounds stupid) and he gave me the impression he was laughing, in a good manner like he was pleased. He said to me lastly:
“You made it, now you understand a little better the balance! Rest for these days you need it. We will speak again~ Oh Also check your body with your flame just put your right hand at your heart and you’ll see~”

I followed his advice and when I did it I suddenly felt my blood going through my veins I could hear a sound like a running water through pipes! I saw and felt my heart, the movemnt of the heart and the circulation of blood. Then It suddenly rushed up in my head and brain and in the nerves it was quite vivid and a shocking experience! I thanked him once agin and the left the bath. Iam looking forward to the next lesson and as soon as it happens Ill post it! :smiley:

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I’m gonna evoke this spirit .

I’m serious,because his nature ties in with some of Baba Yaga’s teachings.

So,I’m gonna evoke him,to see what he has to offer me.


"Shamsiel (Aramaic: שמשין אל, Greek: Σεμιήλ), also spelled Samsâpêêl, Shamshel, Shashiel or Shamshiel, was the 16th Watcher of the 20 leaders of the 200 fallen angels that are mentioned in an ancient work called the Book of Enoch. The name means “sun of God”,[1] which is fitting since it has been said that Shamsiel taught men the songs of the sun during the days of Jared or Yered. Shamash (the Babylonian sun god) may share some mythological basis with Shamsiel.

Shamsiel is said to lead 365 legions of lesser angels in the Zohar and it is said that he was assigned by God to guard the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were expelled; this would make him a cherub if this legend is true. There is apparently some disagreement in sources as to whether or not Shamsiel is a fallen angel; he is still regarded as the ruler of the 4th Heaven and it has been said that he fought on the side of God during the War in Heaven according to some questionable sources. "

[quote=“Arcane, post:7, topic:5682”]I’m gonna evoke this spirit .

I’m serious,because his nature ties in with some of Baba Yaga’s teachings.

So,I’m gonna evoke him,to see what he has to offer me.[/quote]
Best of luck with that! please post your results with him :smiley:

[quote=“Superstes, post:8, topic:5682”]Hmmm…

"Shamsiel (Aramaic: שמשין אל, Greek: Σεμιήλ), also spelled Samsâpêêl, Shamshel, Shashiel or Shamshiel, was the 16th Watcher of the 20 leaders of the 200 fallen angels that are mentioned in an ancient work called the Book of Enoch. The name means “sun of God”,[1] which is fitting since it has been said that Shamsiel taught men the songs of the sun during the days of Jared or Yered.[/quote]
Nice interpretation but he already explained to me hes name and it is Shemah(Hebrew: shema) wich means to hear or to obey and stiel wich means to be quite and Gentle thus he revealed to me that his name means “The one who hear in his stillness” at least that what he told me. Anyway I will evoke him today too so I’ll post more about his origins if he has any :3

Also because of his name and his almost expressionless dark face he gave me from the 1st momment that we met the impression that he is some sort of angel but hey, it could be just me…

Ok I had all day a feeling of Shemastiel calling me trying to say something. So While I was taking a shower (again) he came and said Evoke me properly. So I got out and went and created his sigil. I inscribed the UC script in 3 clean white paper scrolls and I sat at the center. I had his sigil before me and I pricked my finger and with my blood I drew lines in the sigil and the script. I started out by calling him while I was opening the sigil. I pushed the power from my zeal chakra through my hands to create a gateway for him and connect it to the sigil.

I could notsee him and I could not felt strong energy but he was there I knew it something in the air seemed a bit odd. So at some point in my mind I heard a voice saying: "You called Iam here what you want (My true name)?"
I said: Shemastiel thank you for coming tell me whats the true meaning of your name? Is it “The one who hear in his stillness?”

He responded: “Yes and yet not. Iam am that but not entirely. The only possible way for a human to call me is close to that. Iam the stillness yet I hear in my stillness. For Iam both and yet still a shadow of One.So you can say my name means The stillness which hears”

I proceeded with my next quetsion which was to tell me what kind of spirit he was. He gaught me immideatelly! He knew what I was thinking. He said:
“You assume because of my name that Iam an angel yet Iam not exactly but something else yet still the same. Iam what you may call a guardian yet not one that protects bodys and at the same time a Watcher yet not that Kind. Iam the watcher in the shadows which observe the eternal flames. Like you Shadow One.To put it simply Iam the Guardian of the flame Watcher of the Shadows of Inner Worlds.”

It is kinda enigmatic and nonsensical but it made sense to me. So I asked him about his origins. And he replied really fast!
“You see I dont originate I was what you call a thought with a form that was the creation but I ascended to become A lord of my own Kingdom! Iam A being rather than a certain creature I exist within all that is inner and shadowy.”

Now at that point I was doubting my abilities because I saw nothing and suddenly a possesion occured with my will. “Dont hesitate!” He shouted!
“Iam with you x10. Iam with you here, open your eyes and see me for Iam with you. Dont doubt your abilities for you are already here!” At this point I was shaking back and forth in an extreme way.

“Take the power, take the strength its yours to use!!! Dont hestitate forn there is a whole power waiting to be released you are already here!Dont be afraid of failure because the fear kills your potential. You already made it you called me from the nether Realm so Iam here to guide you Ill be with you so step forward and claim what its yours!”

I had let go of my body and it was quite an experience but in a verry gentle nature. He was giving me energy readings all over the place to stop doubting myself. Then he said: “Here Iam feel that energy its flowing through and around you, the chilling of your spine and the heat alltogether yes you are indeed here!”

At that momment I remembered something that E.A said at the mastering Evo course and then Shemastiel responded to that thought:
“Thou art I and Iam thou for now you are indeed blessed with your name. You are thinking of the individual called Archaelus for he is indeed the one who holds the keys to the crossroads and the Gateways to the astral on Earth. He is a mentor and through that you are here follow him and you will see greatness unfold before your eyes for you will reach a new state of being”

I was startled that he responded to an inner thought of mine. Also I dont want to offend in any way Mr. E.A Koetting with what Iam posting neither I did it to show some kind of my ego for my success in this evocation. Anyway I asked him to tell me whats the next stage of my training. He said in a gentle voice:

“You discovered stillness and you are immersing yourself in it because you find peace. You like the balance within you now. You enjoy the benefits for the body and mind. Keep it up by doing the following: Meditate/Structure of a scenery of willderness in earth during sunset and upon the arrival of the night starry sky look up. Your flame will envelope you and you will see the sphere of darkness manifesting around you closing you in. Meditate in the buble. You shall find that you astaral perception will be widened and you’ll find it easy to see me or any other spirit that you call.”

I thanked him and just when I thought that the whole thing ended then I started shaking more! His voice came again saying: “From now on you shall not evoke me for Ill be with you. Ill come to you just by your fleeting thought and I shall guide you to your Dark Ascension!” Then I started (he actually through me) speaking some knid of language from what I understood by him and then he said “Iam with you and you will rse for you are now a Shadowed One” then when I thanked once again and went to dismiss him he spoke again saying 3 times:

“NamNak Uru Shama Shala!” To which he translated: “For we are shades guides in the realms” and then he vanished. So thats a pretty good experiece I think and I will meditate tonight to see what happens in this sphere that he mentioned :smiley:

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Very Good Experience ! i think you could also request him to provide you a Gate-way to visit his sphere or realm ( Like the Gate in KOF or like the Zonal gates in Simon Nec). The Gate-way would be helpful and convenient for you to Travel or Visit his realm, and know it better.

Indeed you are right I will ask him to do so :smiley:

Ok since last time Ive made some progress, at least that’s what I think. For the past 4 days I was camping with my girlfriend and my best man near the sea. It was quite the experience since the area that we were camping is considered forbidden due to the fact that wild animals attack people radomly. We were unfortunate enough to be victims of a jackal who teared off our food suplies:P

Anyway we were without food for 3 days and we had no way to return back home or any cellphone to contact anyone. So we were feeding from the local fruit trees (peaches,apples and cherries). During the last day I fell victim of extreme heat and I fell on the ground 3 kilometers from the camp site all alone at night around 2:00 am. During that time something extraordinary happend!

As I was on the ground helpless and with no power to support my body I felt a rush of unwordly energy all around me. It was swirling above me and something was looking down to were I was. Suddenly shadows were gathering around in a verry tangible form and weird sounds were coming from nowhere. Then that shadows came down in me and I realized I was back on my feet!! I suddenly regained my lost strength and I started walking again towards the camp site against my will.

I felt that this was a help from Shemastiel although he didnt make himself visible or any other sign that he was with me but I knew. I was familiar with that energy. It was litterally manipulating my whole body for 30 minutes as I was aware that I still could not lift my body. After 15 minutes I became aware of my shadow self again that jet black armor was in my body and it was moving on its own carrying me to safety.

Today I got back in my home and when I woke up 2 hours ago I found myself again in my shadow form standing with me not being aware of that! I felt my spiritual and physical strength replenish again in a verry fast way and I regained controll of my body. I could feel at last the inner balance which Shemastiel told me about. It was something beautifull!!! I could feel every particle of my body having its own life and I could manipulate my energetic field and aura to great lengths! I cannot find words to describe my experience but it is one of the most solid effects I ever encountered in my own magical ascension!

[quote=“Barskevilles Dog, post:14, topic:5682”]We were unfortunate enough to be victims of a jackal who teared off our food suplies:P

Anyway we were without food for 3 days and we had no way to return back home or any cellphone to contact anyone. So we were feeding from the local fruit trees (peaches,apples and cherries).[/quote]

Bloody hell, that could have gone from camping holiday to cannibalism if you’d been out there too long…

Seriously though it sounds like quite an experience, and that’s awesome that you got the infusion of spiritual help, that’s what I call real results! :slight_smile:

Yes indeed Lady Eva! It was something compleatly unexpected because I didnt even think of Shemastiel and I didnt any meditation during those days(due to the fact that i was concetrating more on striking methods to the body meridians to reduse energy consumption). It was something that gave me insight on what Shemastiel told me about my own current of energy and inner peace and balance.
Tonight I will do the dark meditation that he gave me and I will post the results :smiley:

Yet another exciting (at least for me) update! Yesterday I decided to follow up the meditation exercise which Shemastiel gave me. I started out by closing my eyes and relaxing my body in a similar manner to self hypbosis. Then I remembered the scenery which I saw in my vision during my time with Shemastiel. Then I found myself to be drifting and suddenly I was on that wilderness.

Something was strange though. I havent even begin to enter a meditative state or a semi-hypnosis state and I was not able to connect with my physical body or at least I could not feel myself at all. I was aware that I havent entered tgs or any other altered states yet it was so difficult to locate my body in the real world!
All I could see was the scenery of a red sanded wilderness surounded by some mountains and local trees. Then I gave in the feeling of nothingness.

It was something similar to void meditation only more powerfull. Then I entered the Dark Sphere which he told me about. During my time inside the sphere all my physical and emotional pain that I had at the time compleately vanished. And I felt like a pure stream of enrgy flowing in the universe unrestricted. Once again I felt the force which Shemastiel called “Balance”. The sphere itself seemed to be an extension of one’s own flame and is to my understanding something like a training chamber. You reflect upon your life and then it changes you drastically in a verry fast manner yet gentle with no rushing.

Anyway thats what I got for the first day of meditation. I will evoke him once again and I will see what he will teach me next :3

Yet another unforseen event has taken place which normally it would cause me grief and anger yet Shemastiel once again was here beside me guiding me towards a path of peace and and self acceptence which evolved me beyond my imagination. After 2 years on being in a relationship with my girlfriend we broke up because she felt I was not giving her enough of everything (attention,love,sex,romance,dates etc). Anyway I always was putting her in the 1st place above me and I was trying to meet all of her demands. I was doing it because I wanted it. After all she was taking care of me when I was sick and she loved me that much I can say.

Although all of this is true today she suddenly burst and started to accuse me for suppressing her needs and feelings (We just came back from a Luxurious Hottel yesterday) and she was rentlensly attacking me. She did everything she could to piss me off even from the phone! Anyways as I stated above that would normally make me verry sad and extremely angry to the point that I would curse her for being so bitchy and selfish (which she actually was but I was always overlooking that).

The curious thing is that the momment that my blood started to boil and when I was about to burst with anger my inner flame enveloped me and immediately I was calmed down. Through my way to meet her to retrieve some of my stuff I was in complete control over my emotions and power. I went to her I greeted her kindly with a gentle smile and then I left saying thank you. Now when I was about to enter my home Shemastiel spoke saying as I looked my own shadow:
“For now you walk both paths and thus you’ve gained control over your emotions hahahahhaha” (The laughing part was in a comforting way)

Right now Iam thanking him because of that massive changes in my personality and the help that he is giving me to ascend even higher than now!!!

Massive changes took place after evoking Shemastiel and they were good! But after almost 3 weeks suddenly my life was in a mess and a big one at that. 3 Weeks after making a contact with Shem(Shemastiel-sort) my body started to act weird. I had intense pain in my groin area and testicles. At first I didnt mind I thought it was normal beause of stress (due to exams).

But it became persistent so I decided to go and see a Doctor. What is strange though before I go any further is that for the past weeks i couldnt evoke or use any divinatory skills right. I was out of energy physicaly and mentally. Also I felt heavy like something was “on” and “inside” me draining my energy out. The doctor didnt found anything pathological so he gave me a mild painkiller just in case that the pain become unbearable. A month passed and my pain became worse. I was constanlty at pain and I couldnt sleep either.

During the second month my pain proceeded to my nervs. I was crying almost all day long and my body was twitching and had spasms. My mother took me to the Hospital and unfortunately for me they found nothing. Each day I was loosing my strength and weight. After visiting for 1 month the Hospital each day they said to us that my pain was psycological so they sent me into a Psychologist. After telling the Psychologist what I was experiencing for 2 months he gave me some sedatives that suposedly would help me.

Nothing happend. Things got worse. I reached 30 Kilos and my bones were hurting as fvc! -(sorry)- Each day I was screaming nonstop and I couldnt sleep. To make things even worse I couldnt eat. No matter what. Even the things that I previously liked (ALOT) I couldnt eat them!
After 3 moths my Mother decided to take me at the Best Hospital of the country-(GREECE)-

After spending 1 month in there they couldnt find out from what Iam suffering. The medical tests were all clear! I was strangely disfigured, my body was like the monsters that H.P Lovecraft describes in his books.
My hair had reached my waist and my bones were clearly seen. I couldnt walk on my own and I hunchbacked. After returnung to my home the pain escalated to the point that I couldnt get up from the bed on my own. Luckily a random doctor noticed my physicue when I repeated a test in a nearby clinic and the moment he saw me he shouted: “Do not dare to make a move! Sit down!”

He grabbed me immedeately and took me to a black room. He runned a test on my body and after 40 mins he said to me. I know that you are in pain, I will cure you. He diagnosed me and said your spine and bones are missing up to -50%. Do not move. He helped me alot and after 2 months my bones were almost back to normal. Most of the pain was gone but I had these intense electrical stings all over my body that tortured me at night.

I went of again to the capital to check me and unfortunately they found 4 autoimmunes. But luckily I found it just in time. They said that if I was even 2 days late I would be dead. Now to the main part and sorry for my babling -[ :frowning: ]- After everything finished I was still unable to evoke or practice any divination and I was bugged by malevolent spirits each night.

So I asked a friend to help me and do a cleansing for me at his house. When he performed the rite of cleansing I started to violently scream and outer words that I didnt knew. My voice became “hard” and it was like those on special effects they are using in movies. The momment before I passed out those words appeared in my mind:

                   "Make an offering to the house of Samael,
                  700 years to bind the name of God in Chains"

After that the only thing that I remembered was my spirit floating in the darkness but without fear strangely. My friend later told me that a demon calling himself Samael was trying to attack him while possesing my body. Only after 3 hours of struggle he told me I was released.
Strangely in my mind these events were direted by that Entity (Shem)
at least thats what I feel. Anyway sorry again for the loooong post.
Please feel free to comment and give any suggestions on the topic.

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Wow, that’s intense and sorry to hear things have been so damned rough for you.

I don’t really have any comments to make except that you probably need to get stronger, and then kick some ass.