Going gray

I’ve been working on energy control lately, building as much as I can handle and then purging as fast as I can manage. Anyway, I believe this has caused my hair to begin graying at a faster rate. I’m only 30!

Also, my eyes have been brown my entire life. They’re almost green now. It’s like the green is moving inwards from the outer rim of my pupil, overtaking the brown.


I also have a lot of grey streaks in my hair now. I am also only 30 :smiley: I actually mentioned playfully once how magick makes my skin glow but is sucking the colour out of my hair :smiley:


I don’t think it does much for my skin, but it’s definitely sapping hair color.
Luckily I’ve gotten compliments on it. :upside_down_face:

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I actually think it looks really good, its like contouring your initial hair colour :+1:t2:


Ngl I read, going gay and I was like “lol what”


Aw shucks. Thank ya. I’m just gonna kick some dirt around for a sec and be awkward about it.

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Very telling. :joy:


Honestly I’m looking forward to going gray and being the crazy old bitch down the road no one is quite sure of. That’s just me though.

As for you I can’t say why it’s happening but rock it. It looks good. As for the eyes are you sure they have never been more of a hazel than a brown? My husband’s eyes has gotten greener over the past few years. They were a muddy brown that would tinge slightly green at times. Now they are green more often than not.


This is something that has also happened to me, over the course of my serious dedication to the art. Despite being in my late thirties, I am entirely grayhaired, and my eye color has shifted. I was born with dark forest green eyes, but over the last two years they have become pale gray-blue. Also of note is that the pupils have begun to subtly change as well, from being [normal] round, to showing hints of an ellipsoid (think snake/cat eyes) shape, which is becoming more pronounced as time goes on. It’s weird, but, neat. Based on the folk wisdom I’ve been exposed to, this is considered a sign of being blessed by some god or spirit.


At first i dont know why but i thought about Gandalf :sweat_smile:.


Yeah, they’ve always been plain boring brown. Until now of course.

For reference here’s a couple close ups.
I also can’t see shit now from the flash.

left eye
right eye


brooo this is crazy, tell me ur not bsing rn

ur eyes were fully brown before this? you got any before pics, if you got any thats straight money right there


This is probably the best “before” that I can find. I’ve only recently started taking photos of myself.

i understand, what’s ur energy routine like

Single parent so not a ton of time for routine. When I have the spare time I focus on inhaling through my left palm and building energy there before letting it spread throughout the rest of my body. I used to do both hands but a couple years back I got stabbed in the right hand, and it doesn’t really work that well for magical works anymore. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Anyway, once I feel that I can’t possibly bring anymore energy in I visualize little vents all over my body and purge it out as fast as possible. (Think Majin buu from dbz) just working on getting more control over my body really.

At least you have hair to go grey…

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