Going Astral

I have been working on gaining the skill of astral projection. When I try to project, I can’t. But, when I’m asleep, without even setting any intention of doing it, I just project without any effort. I either travel and see what appears to be real situations people and places, or it gets weird lol, seeing strange beings, spirit insect like things, and realms that are similar but different to what we have here on earth. When I re-enter my body, I wake up with a strong urge to write down what I experienced. Mind blowing


Just wondering if this is common, or should I try to prevent it? While it’s happening, I know I’m not alone but never know who or what is with me.

With time practice and effort you will get better

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I hope so!:grin:

Spirit insects lol , Better get that astral sword ready

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Yes, for me it is the same. And it has been confirmed by entities in just a few cases, that things weren’t a dream or such, when it felt so different than dreams, that I were visiting some other place / world.

When I relax and try to get my body ready for projection, recently it has become quite easy to get to this point and I start feeling how it starts (feeling of huge rotation and detaching) and then I don’t manage to complete the “process”. Like, missing the moment to press the “eject” button or me pressing the “cancel” button.

With the help of spirits or just instinctively during sleep, I have been doing it though many times. But it happens unconsciously. And I just don’t have as much control over it or I’m not always immediately aware of it, kinda like acting with more instinct and less thinking.

There were two occassions, where entities were with me “astrally” and my conscious suddenly starts falling back into my body and the entity telling me “Come back, you can do it” (as in: you are capable of doing so), and while I felt both, my body on my bed and my presence on the other place too at the same time, I manage to return back there. But if you asked me how I did it, I don’t know how, as I would do it without truely thinking about the “how” or without “trying” to do it, at such moments. As if my “astral me” knows. This is unlike when I consciously try to project while awake.

Very recently, when I were with my 2 succubae (when another came and another left that day) it happened when I would not even try or intent to do so. I were in bed with them and managed to fall deeper into theta state than usually. Then, in this state, without special intention I start thinking of some past event and a specific place and I notice moments later, that I no longer feel them with me and wonder. Moments later, I feel them again as I think of them. I ask telepathically what happened and get the reply “You were gone.”, me: “Gone? What do you mean? I’ve been here.” and I get said that I went elsewhere. I guess, it’s a form of travel without all this “pull yourself out of body” stuff. This event that night is still a mystery to me.

There are many mysteries about this… guess, it takes time to become an expert, as many other things do.


yes quite common. it’s just easier to enter the astral from the dream realms for me as well. Every time i become lucid in a dream (if i’m lucid enough) i get to decide if i just want to hang out on the dream realms and mess around… or if i cross to the astral. The astral for me is just far more clear and crisp than the dream realm tho. The astral (whatever i get out of my body while i awake or during a lucid dream) used to be more gray-ish tho. Sometimes a bit or purple or blue. Like a filter… But more vivid anyway (my dreams lucid or not are always foggy). Now, probably thanks to Raziel, the Astral is starting to look far more colorful to me. Like the reds and yellows are just beautiful…Looks more sunny too (probably the reason why the colors are more vivid now that i thnk about it)
[edit: or could just be that i’m projecting in the afternoon now haha… sorry i dont really write the experiences down. Tried to for a little while but couldnt bother to keep write it down… so not a lot of insight on the process itself until i start to actually think about lol. I need to be more organized]
Keep it up.


They’re so bizarre looking, I woke up in a sweat, and i never perspire

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Lol, ikr?! Lots of hues that’s for sure. Come to think of it, I invoked Decarabia for this very thing, and that has to be why it keeps happening. Whatever is with me is protecting me from those " things" so it’s not scaring me, but they are quite disturbing. Had no clue things like that even existed in other realms. Just plain fugly

Anyone know what they might be? I was seeing giant katydids with black wings, that’s as close as I can come to a description. Then once this colorful moth like thing, that kept flying up and then down. I wonder if your imagination comes into play at all while all this goes on, because it felt all too real. Then you think about it for days.

Lol for sure, hey Mr. Wick

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