Goetic workshop * update*

Ok January 28th is the DEADLINE if you want to join for the first three weeks.

This will enclude working with Lucifer the first thru the fourth. To get the group protected and starting off on the right foot.

After that Feb 5th will begin working with the nine kings. We will do 3 kings a week for three weeks.
This will be the first group. If you sign up for the first group but can only do one or two weeks that’s fine. But after the 28th I can’t take new additions to the first three weeks.
This is to keep it simple for the ones who are in it for the long haul and it can get confusing with several people coming and going. It would also be too distracting to stop every time someone new comes in to explain where we are and what we are doing. Therefore, signs ups for new additions to the group will be every three weeks.

When it’s about time for a new group to start up I will post here stating what we have covered and which demons we will moving to for the next group.

I think this will be a more organized way of doing it. That will be fair to the ones that want to stay in to work thru all 72 and also fair to the ones who want to join when they can and have a smaller list of ones they are interested in working with.

I will post shortly the order we will be working with as far as which king when for the first 3 weeks. If you sign up but only intend to work with a certain demon for this let me know and I will add you on for that specific week. But if you intend to join to work with one or all nine kings you need to be signed up by the 28th. I will not add on after the 28th for the first round of workings.

Thanks ,
~ Arianna :rose:

Update: the first week will be Bael, Beleth and Piamon.
The second week Purson, Asmoday, Vine
The third week Belial, Zagan, Balam.

This will be the first three weeks.



How do you plan on having these workings? Specific rituals? Or just classic evocation?


First day mediations, reciting enns, getting familiar with sigil.

Second day evocation /invocation which ever you feel comfortable with.

Third day Evocation /invocation. .a magick work with said demon…ex: love/lust money, reaching a goal whatever working you choose.

Third day compare notes with group / share experience…also start back at top of list with new demon.
It’s alot of work to cram into a week…but with 72 to go it’s about the only way.

Just pretend like it’s cramming for finals at school :sweat_smile:

One will overlap into the next week but that should be ok …news ones coming in can just start with the new one.


Sounds awesome, but I don’t think I’ll be able to participate just yet.

Perhaps I’ll join in when I got more free time.

Good luck though. :slight_smile:


It’ll be changing up every three weeks so hopefully you can catch a couple of them.


Count me in. I also have a question. I live in an extremely Christian home. Is there any substitute I can use?


Yea just look like your praying. …if you can go to a bedroom or bathroom where you can lock a door that would be good too.

You can do stuff without the sigil if it’s too risky.




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Time to do some prep immersion lol :japanese_ogre: the only 2 im familar with is beleth and Belial and of the 2 ive only worked with beleth


I’ve worked with Bael, Purson, Belial and met Zagan last night. So we got work! Lol


Oh and Balam sort of I remember he gave me a lesson about gates :blush:


What about Azazel

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Azazel isn’t one of the 72 though I do plan to work with the gatekeepers again at the end of this work so if anyone is interested there is that too.


Oh ok

I’ll cover the protection aspect. I might hop in, haven’t decided. But I’ll play guard dog


Awesome thanks @Aiden_Crow


Mhm of course. Keep in touch.

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Hay Arianna, since your so very close to azazal, ask his permission for you to create a grimoire, others do Kurtis Joseph, EA and others.:radioactive:

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Working with the entities that I did with the FWB, and stepping up to the big leagues, what about my not using a circle? Especially with someone that is a war spirit, what would the risk level be? I cant exactly draw circles on the hardwood floor. Andras for example is said to slay the operator and his assistants.