Goetic Words of Power vs Demons of Magick

I recently got the Goetic words of Power. Key observation is it differs from what arebthe strengths of demons w.r.t the descriptions given in DOM.

For. eg Sallos which we all discuss a a demon of love has not even related to love as per GWP.

Any thoughts which would be correct?

Both of them. Remember, each book’s descriptions are based on the authors’ personal experiences with the demons. As Gordon Winterfield says in Demons of Magick, what he presents is what he knows from the experience of his group.

Whitespire’s system is based on astrology, so he assigns different powers according to the astrological house. For example, he says that Marbas can “bring balance to the inflow and outflow of finances,” which is not mentioned in the original Ars Goetia, where the demon is simply said to heal, bring sickness, and teach shapeshifting.

However, Whitespire also says that the powers listed are only a suggestion, and that his ritual will work using any power ascribed to the demon from any system. So if you wanted to work with Sallos for love using his book, then you can. You are not limited to just what he lists.


I use DOM for reading demon powers but I do rituals from GWOP , have never used the descriptions and the planet stuff from gwop ! Still got a lot of success !


@Tuxedo-cat - can I ping you and maybe compare notes?

Surely :blush:

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I just got the book Goetic Words of Power and I’m a little lost.

I do have a basic knowledge of astrology and I like it, but I don’t get how I’m supposed to use this.

Are all powers valid for all?

For example, the 7th House is about relationships, and according to this book, all spirits would seem to be able to work on all houses. I’d get it from Sallos or Amon to be best for the 7th, but Bael? Vassago?

Or is it because we’re supposed to check out placements and aspects in our charts, and then only use the ones that fit our charts best?

If we can use all their powers regardless of placements, aspects, and houses, because all can work on all, then why even bring it up and make it so confusing?

I’m totally lost with this book.

I was really eager to read it because I loved his 84 Genies book and it tied some loose ends for me and gave me a much better understanding (some of these genies are mentioned in GoM’s Magickal Protection, Seduction, and Cashbook), but I’m so confused about the Goetic WoP…