Goetic spirit specializing in intimacy

I really want a girlfriend/lover. What I notice though is there seems to be a spirit of isolation and rejection that follows me. I need a Goetic spirit to teach me how to kicks its ass. I also, tend to not be able to meet women who share my interests. Really getting sick of this lack of intimacy in my life. Would Astaroth be a good one to summon, or are there others specializing in long term relationships?

Have you tried reading the Goetia first of all? That should answer your question.

There’s an overview here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_demons_in_the_Ars_Goetia

But I haven’t worked with any demons with that purpose in mind so can’t make any recommendations, sorry.

my apologies for asking such a stupid question. yes, ive read several goetia’s. i was hoping for insight from others based on their experience. Again, sorry i wasted your time.

You’re not - relationships are important, it’s understandable you don’t want to mess this up and want recommendations from people that have actually worked.

There are a few things you could do:

  1. read through older threads in this section for ideas, if you haven’t already;

  2. re-read some of the grimoires, and ask any spirit who’s willing to help you to make their names known to you via a method you can understand - some of us have the experience of a spirit’s name repeationg in our minds, like when you get a song stuck, when they’re trying to contact us about something;

  3. try choosing a demon via their grimoire descriptions, then do some divination on whether they’ll be able to help you.

Where are you at with your abilities, can you do any basic card readings, or anything like that? If you feel you have zero psychic/divinatory skills right now, Napoleon’s Book Of Fate can be used by anyone, and I described the alternative ways the questions can be used in this list.