Goetic demon for luck?

Hello, i wanted to ask do you guys know if there is a Goetic spirit that could help me have good luck all throughout the whole year? Like in general, just good luck, not for money or something specific. Sorry, might be a weird question but i haven’t seen any that do that so i thought i should ask. :sweat_smile: Thank you in advance.


Amon,Bune .


forget demons. Just do feng shui for the home. That’s the purpose of it. to attract good things in life by using the good energy of your home. Of course the new yr don’t start until feb 4th which will be year of the rat. The year energy change on that day forward. Use the right tool for your purpose.

There’s no real thing called “luck”. Luck is just an unknown cause.

Thank you.

I mean…if i had enough money and space than one room to afford feng shui i wouldnt need that much luck because that’d mean i would have the freedom/money to do the feng shui and pretty much about anything else :joy: sorry but it’s true :sweat_smile:

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another thing you can do. get a pendant or ring and cast a demon spell for luck on it. Enchant the item for whatever kind of luck . We do that with crystals. We program crystals for attraction of certain things. clear quartz best for programming of any kind. rose quarts for love programming. etc…


u can be creative to personalize it to the need. create one. U got a mind . use it. don’t always depend on others to hand feed. haha. j/k. It’s best to personalize it anyways.

That sounds like a good idea, but i don’t think i can just come up with a demon spell to enchant an item like you said, do you have any examples or ideas where/how can i look for such spells? Sorry and thank you!

Amduscias is said that he can bestow excellent familiars to the magician, but I have never personally worked with him so I am just saying what is written in the goetia.

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Okay, thank you! ^^

sure you can. just write down what you want and tell demon to enchant the item by request when you evoke/invoke them. All it is , is just wording of what you want on the item.

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I will check it, thank you!

Okay, thank you!