Goetic Demon and Music

Hi there,
Hope you are all fine and Covid-19 free!
I was wondering if someone can tell any experience using Goetic demons or any other Entity to progress with musical instruments, singing or writing music.
I would appreciate to read something about.

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Did you try the search function? This question gets asked a lot and I don’t recall all the different answers, but there’s a lot here for that, on top of whatever people will add below.

King Paimon and many other. Just search :mag:

@Xag_darklight still creating goetic music?

Yes, it is aslo good for ritual atmosphere and sort of creating energy vortexes through sound. That kind of magick can even be like candle magick like use this audio for example a wealth ritual.


Phenex likes it when you sing to him. He doesn’t seem to mind that much if you’re not good at it, so you’ll always have someone to practice with.

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