Goetian Kek

I’ve searched and I searched… what are some good offerings for kek

Kek is Ogdoad, NOT Goetia. :slight_smile:

Offerings, in my experience he appreciates honey, beeswax candles, or gold coloured candles, anything nice that’s given with sincerity and true intent to offer, not with one eye on what you’re getting back.


Thanks :blush: what is his enn or sigil @Lady_Eva

Kek is an Primordial Egyptian God he doesn’t have an Enn or sigil, however, it doesn’t stop a sigil from made for him.


Interesting and he’s Egyptian too ayye!!! how do you call him @Velenos

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I’ve only ever projected to him, however hieroglyphs of his name can be used as a sigil.

I know this is off topic but do you know what Spirit “nitika” likes as an offering I’ve been trying to figure that out too @Velenos

I’ve never had experience with this entity sorry

He doesn’t have a sigil or enn becuase he’s not a Goetic daemon, he’s a member of the Ogdoad.
Enns are only for demonolatry, a religious practice, and he’s not a demon.

Since he’s an Egyptian god, his name can be written in hieroglyphs. Kek (Kuk, Keku) means darkness. Kek is the male version, Kauket is the female.

The Ogdoad were eight deities who were the basis of the Egyptian creation myth during the Middle Kingdom. They were primarily worshiped in Heliopolis, but their aspects of creation were combined in other areas with existing myths. Each one is a member of a masculine-feminine pair and each pair represents an aspect of the primordial chaos out of which the world was created.

I worked with this deity as Kauket, and I’m blown away by the richness and power of these deities.

Hail Kek!


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