Goetiaguide app missing a lot of demons


i was adviced by a user of this forum to download the app goetiaguide.
but the app is missing a lot of demons.
i even used diffrent names for th same demon but nothing shows up.
do you folks also got that problem. or do you got al 72 demons in this app.
i have maild the maker of the app basicly the person says every demon is in the app and to use capitalized letters.

here are thr list of demons that wont come up.
70. seer

  1. amducias

  2. andrealphus

  3. valac

  4. auns

  5. gremori

  6. murmas

  7. vuall

  8. bifrons

  9. forcalor

  10. phenix

  11. furfur

  12. asmodai

  13. leraje

  14. gusoin

  15. valefar

  16. gamigin

here are demon name that give totaly different demons
23. aim i get 9.king paimon.

  1. naberius i get barbatos, purson and narbatos

  2. seer i get haagentie and furcas.

and yes i know i can google, i already did that thank you

I was troubleshooting that app of recent.

What I found out was that you have to start each names when you are searching for a demon with a capital letter and make sure there is no space after the name.

I can see all the names written are all in small letter; the first letter of each name has to be Capitalized.

Example :
furfur:::: Furfur

**Make sure there is no space after the names ( )

Try it again and give me feedback.

Note::. Sometimes, the server may not be able to handle the query at that time but I sense that happens rarely.

Nope. i try seer SEER and now Seer. nothing my dear friend.
i do get 2 other demons Haagenti and Furcas

Furfur shows up!
Just tried it.

If you do the above, it is probably a faulty script as I stated here:

Do you know of a another that does work ?

I do not.
But you can try it from time to time.

Too much glitches though!