Goetia Workshop * Round One*

I know you guys have probably told me a million times, but it’s gotten crazy with me doing the MFWB groups as well, so please do me a favor and simply hit the like button if you are still in for this.

Also, if you haven’t done this yet please evoke Lucifer and ask his guidance and protection over these workings.

Thank you so much,

Arianna :rose:



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Still all in, and trying to get Lucifer evoked.

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I am sure its King Lucifer that has turned on the Creative juice in me… I have created so much in just a few days… I cant wait to send you what I created for you my brother. I want to melt crayons next… and eat freaking paint chips… the last part was a joke.

Not working whit Lucifer, but I have my own methods of summoning.


Until I estabilish a permanent home for the workshop
Tonight we work with Purson.
Sit and look at his sigil and recite his enn.
Don’t force anything just try to get a feel for his energy.


Same as above meditate on him and his sigil

Then try evoking him
Use a candle if it helps you focus.

We will talk and compare notes…
Although keep a check on your messages we will either go private or some where else.


Reading a paragraph of Butler, I pit it aside and chanted Pursons enn, and staring at the sigil.
A few points came to mind while gazing…
He seems to look both ways, and the serpent and weapon, to scry past and future, to give good familiars and to get true answers.
The looking both ways can imply being psychic, or he could be concealing and discovering treasure. Curious/inquisitive. On my left side.
Another view from gazing is a head of a sheep, ass or horse … Could be the bear.
Another view is a mask or a face itself of Purson.

I get an energy sense that seems productive, fiery, airy as well. Protecting. Enlightening. Like an energy B12 shot. Strong, like a wall.
Suffocating almost, very heavy presence. No noise though.
Upside down his sigil reminds me of “I love youb this much”.