Goetia style books

What books are in the style of the Goetia where it has:

The name of the spirit
What their abilities are
Their sigil

Books like this to call on angels, elementals, spirits, cartoon characters, etc.?

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your questions still vague. what do you mean by goetia style books?

there’s the demons of magick book by gordon winterfield, the 72 angels of magick book by damon brand. they both have name, list power and then sigil.

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BALG has a course on Goetia https://www.becomealivinggod.com/orleestewart/goetia. I bought it because I think I will eventually use the consulting. The problem is I don’t care about demons, I work with thoghtforms. I would only use the demon work as a bridge. Who I really want to talk to is Faustus Crow who published Succubus Evocation which is also Goetia style but feature thoughtforms instead.

Books that go into detail on how to call on the spirits using things like their enns, sigils, incense, rituals, tools, etc. on how to call them for help, like how the Goetia has those things listed for the demons.

then check out what i mentioned. there’s also magick of angels and demon by henry archer too that use both same time.

they all tell u the ritual process and list each demon/ angels and powers. and have sigils. With instructions and everything needed to do practical magick. And in a safe way.,

If u look in app store or Google play there are few apps that can help you with what ur looking for. Goetia guide , demons -the god’s of hell etc . Pick one

You can find many freebies on Scribed and PDFs online.

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1: The actual Goetia has no enns. Enns come from the religious practice of demonolatry, and are unnecessary for actual evocation.

2: You can evoke the demons of the Goetia using any working system of magick. Information on various systems of magick is available everywhere. Google is your firend.

2: Look into the work of S. Connolly. She is a demonolator, and her books have a lot of information on incenses, enns, herbs, and a lot of other correspondences.

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From academic point of view I would recommend “Goetia by dr Rudd” written by Stephen Skinnner.

True grimoire is also a good book but it doesn’t deal with the Goetia but with the 3 kings Lucifer,Beelzebub and astaroth and their servitors(Lucifer’s invocation/calling written in the book is one of the best invocation I have used for invoking Lucifer).

Not a book but a website that has list of books and articles you can use https://www.grimoire.org/

but she wanted one that have a list of names and list of power and the ritual process of magick which all those 3 books i suggested fulfilled her requirement. She was specific in request. you can’t just suggest books that don’t fulfill her needs.

OP’s all requirements can be fulfilled by a single book “Goetia by dr. Rudd” that’s why I recommended that book.

that’s book is not user friendly. it’s more a scholar history focus. It’s not as practical for newbies. And the sigils are old drawings. I know the author. He did the book to make it more like a historical database. Like a record storage book of goetia. His expertise is in encyclopedia knowledge of subjects of mystical field. Mainly he’s into feng shui. He’s not the practical type. More like historian if you look at his past works. He’s more a history scholar than a practitioner.

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Goetia Pathworking by Corin Hargrove is good :slight_smile:

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http://www.tarrdaniel.com some info

To be clear, I don’t necessarily mean “purely Goetia” kind of books that only deal with demons. What I meant was any book (any spirit, not limited to demons) that does the same thing the Goetia does, but with other kinds of spirits (angels, faeries, elves, elementals, ghosts, living or dead people, etc.).

no such book cuz it’s not researched enough for other spirit as a system… The ones that are well known are 72 demon and 72 angels of which i suggested.

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You can google other pantheons there are many. Not sure how much info there is but if you would come into any issues with thee others you would have to find there keeper at least if you deal with the 72 you know who to find to help you out in the situation your in.

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