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Spirit altar
I wanted to ask this thing I was always interested in. Is it possible to work with goetia using the altar I create for a certain Spirit? no evocation.If it is possible to work with them in a different way than evocation. I would create an altar for a particular Spirit brought to him offerings and my called requests. I do not want to jump into evocation. working with them.I also want to ask if I Will put the offerings on the altar for goetia Spirit I have to call him at first? He won’t hear me unless I call him right?

In theory,yes you might be work with them without evocaiton but you must learn it regardless.

What you are describing is pretty much what demonalators do (demonalatry is a religious practice in which demons are approached as aspects of the Divine in a way similar to how ancient peoples used to approach their gods).

You would invoke the power of the demon in question, then place your offering on the altar, which has been consecrated to that purpose.

The easiest, and most common, way to invoke the power of a specific demon is to chant its enn, which can easily be found by searching this forum or Google.

However, if you don’t call the spirit in some way, then how will that spirit know that the offering is for it?


So just have an altar for a certain Spirit to start chant his Enn And when he be there can i say my request and what would i want? That would be great.


My advice would be to look into the work of S. Connolly. She is a demonaltor and her books have all the information you need to set up a proper altar for a demon and how to leave offerings and make requests.



Essentially you would want to place on the altar, their favorite things. Their sigil, an image or statue, foods, candle colors incense and dedicate the altar to them, Use what’s comfortable and makes sense for you. I’m sure they will understand.

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can I communicate with them in this way and do pact with them and give them offerings as in evocation? I am a beginner when working with demons

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I hope this way of working with demons will work well maybe I will try to contact Clauneck sometimes but I have no experience with demons so I hope it will be fine I want a chant his Enn at his altar