Goetia Sigils for sell?

Hey guys,

So I am still prepping for my first evocations and I came across an etsy page where artists are making goetia style sigils.

In the lesser keys of Solomon it states that you need the sigils in a specific metal (i.e silver or tin) so I was wondering did anyone know of specific websites that people make sigils?

If not I will definitley stick to these etsy sellers for now.

Thanks here is the link btw in case anyone else needs ithttps://www.etsy.com/market/goetia_sigil


You can simply make seals out of paper, or burn them into wood. You really don’t need the metals unless you are working the traditional system


DarkestKnight has a point. But most importantly when you make them yourself it’s your intent, your Magick not someone else’s that goes into them. Plus not as expensive. Make them out of paper to burn after a ritual or make it out of wood if you have a pantheon that you are following.

I prefer using parchment paper it’s more of a traditional that for me. In as far as what wood to use, I’d say which is in sync with the Spirits/Entities you are following.

Staples.com should have it under the name Vellum. Make sure it not recycled and made from actual animal skins.

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Thanks guys, I don’t mind spending the money on the pieces though as I will probably wear them around as well thanks just needed to know if they would still work as well but I respect using paper and what not too. I’ll def put them in my grimoire.

I am using traditional methods but I want to learn to use left hand path magick so I give the spirit less tension with the words of god