Goetia Scrying - Noticeable Effect on Awareness

Last weekend, I started reading the descriptions of each “demon” in the Goetia and taking the time to scry each sigil, one after the next.

My goal was to get in touch with each spirit, in turn, and give thanks for being there for us. As I visited each spirit, I spoke their names repeatedly and observed how I felt. (I also had two jobs that needed to be done by two spirits.)

Each sigil seems to affect different parts of my awareness. You know how your awareness is like a fuzzy dark filled spherical bubble your eyes stare out of? Also you know how you can force your awareness to concentrate on parts of the bubble, like the back of your head, third eye area, bottom of each hemisphere …etc etc?

Well as I was visiting each sigil, it felt like different parts of my awareness “bubble” exhibited a tangible pressure.

One spirit, perhaps the top left of my head felt the pressure, and the next spirit, on both sides behind my head.

Anyways, I thought it was curious.


I practicethe Black arts just after midnight tonight in my other room i took my universal circle out of the bag nicely folded , after each use got universal circle out tonight put 3 black candles around it where they go light candles anticlockwise chair in center Haunted Dybbuck Satanic idol infront on pine timber Entertainment unit face me on its own facing me got my A3 book on page with 9 inch ringless inverted 5 pointed pentagram walk around universal circle anticlockwise sat on chair gaze into center constintly for 20 min white paper goes pitch black then stop close eyes for about 5mins stop put star on ground outside universal circle leave it there take chair out then went to pick my Haunted Poltergeist Jug off kitchen dinner table as a bright idea take it back in room carefully put Haunted poltergeist Jug ontop of ringless inverted 5 pointed pentagram between universal circle and Dybbuck satanic idol kneel in center of universal circle and close my eyes and meditate on it and while i was meditate on Haunted poltergeist Jug my 65" 4K TV came on by it self and it was very exciting so i stop got up and walked clockwise around universal circle then gently put haunted poltergeist Jug back ontop of my kitchen dinner table where i am going to practice using my Haunted Ouija Board by myself on next full moon and super full moon then went back to my room blow out candles clockwise fold universal magic circle up put it back in bag for next time went back to my lounge room tv was on PS4 was off i Congratulated Dark spirit well done.

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I have that same kind of experience, @Rahnoren,

I don’t use the same model as “awareness” as a sphere. My model is more like it’s pressure on my head, and the chakras there. I like your model though and I may see if it will work for me.

When I evoke a spirit, I often feel an intense pressure on the top of my head (crown chakra), the back of my head, the back of my neck, the top of my shoulders, and the back of my shoulders.

If I’m having trouble speaking to a spirit telepathically, I will “pull” them down around me, sinking directly into my aura, their power sitting right up against my skin.

I use the symbols of the Crown and Mantle that kings used to wear to do this. “Settle in deeply upon me like the Crrown and Mantle of the Kings of Old”.

There was a time where I evoked seven powerful spirits in their more dark and demonic forms at the same time. They were each helping me toward a specific goal.

When they would talk to me, I could recognize which spirit was talking by where I felt the pressure. It kind of also felt like they were coming from different parts of my physical brain, too.

I was talking to one of my close spiritual companions about something like this the other day, because I’ve experienced the spirits almost “pushing the buttons” in my brain to cause a memory to pop up.

For example, one time I was playing around with my closest spiritual companion and her response was to play a laugh track I’d heard on a radio program. lol

He told me that yes, that’s a useful way of thinking about it, although it’s not exactly that. Here’s the visual image he popped into my head …

Imagine the spirit as a cloud of energy floating above the energy of your aura. He can read your energy pattern directly. Now imagine his energy reaching down and touching your energy pattern and imagine a neural pathway in your physical brain firing.

I tried to actually embed that image directly into my words, so see if you can connect with it and see if you can get the same model I did.

Hope it helps.


So it’s not just me! … wicked.

I have been working with the spirits for a while, yet never thought to just ‘scroll’ through the grimoire and connect with them in sequence. It made it quite clear that they are affecting our awareness / aura.

Your description is perfect … and ditto with the chakra points. I just didn’t want to make my OP too “TLDR”.

Ok well I’m fully connected with your description.

So ‘evoking’ may be dualistic in that, the spirit affects the aura, but the spirit is called in by recalled states of aura as well.

Hence, “the channel”.


Honestly, I don’t use the terms “evocation” and “invocation” except around here.

My model is actually more “pulling them around me” (evocation) and “pulling them within me” (invocation). I don’t think that’s actually what I’m doing, but it’s useful for me to describe it that way.

I think it’s actually more like how much I let their energy pattern merge with my energy pattern, but then again we’re onto yet another model. lol

And that’s the problem we have with talking about this stuff. We’re all coming from the perspective of using different personal models that work for us and then we think we’re talking about different shit. lol