Goetia assistance

Can anyone point me in the right direction in order to find what the symbols in the Lesser Key of Solomon correlate to?

In essence, when it says Kings seals are to be made in (insert round circle with dot in middle symbol) what this correlates to?
Kings are obvious (Gold) however the others are much harder to interpret.

Anyone know a list that correlates the symbols to their correct metal type?

Kings (circle with a dot in the middle, astrological symbol for the Sun) = gold
Marquises (crescent moon, astrological symbol for the Moon) = silver
Dukes (a circle with a cross extending from the bottom, the astrological symbol of Venus) = copper
Prelates (looks like a “4,” astrological sign for Jupiter) = tin
Knights (looks like a stylized “h” with a line across the top, the astrological symbol for Saturn) = lead
Presidents (a circle with a cross extending from the bottom and a crescent moon on top, the astrological symbol for Mercury) = mercury
Earls = either copper or silver (both astrological symbols are used)

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I found it half an hour after I posted this in the footnotes. Haha.

Any chance you know about the moon days @DarkestKnight?
If for example a new moon is 7 March does that mean that 2 days after that is a ‘profitable’ day in accordance with the instructions?
So much needed information to get this spot on! Haha.

Sorry, I don’t bother with astrological correspondences in my magick except when I’m doing a planetary working, and even then I only bother with the planetary hours, so someone else will have to answer about the moon days. :man_shrugging:

That’s fair enough, it doesn’t seem like a very popular thing to follow in modern day. I appreciate your help anyway.

Maybe @Lady_Eva may have an idea? Or be able to point me in the right direction?

If that’s what the book you’re working from says, I imagine so, it’s not a system I use but the Moon cycle is normally considered to begin on the day of the New Moon. Some systems hold that to be the 3rd day after the astronomical New Moon, so check the instructions you have and see if they fit 7/14/28 day patterns, or something different.

You can find lunar phases here: https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/

That website’s a treasure trove, has Moon and Sun rise & set times you can adjust for your location and also major planet info, Equinoixes & Solstices, it’s an incredible resource.


I knew I found the right person for the job!

That’s perfect! Thanks @Lady_Eva.

It should be relatively simple to work it out using that as a resource.

Luckily for me, the book I’m using uses “3 till sunrise” and the like to determine the correct hours also haha.

I can see why people often get confused or frustrated without a resource like that. Awesome.

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