Goetia and transformation magic

well, he had to bind me first and the magic is supposedly sealed away in a crystal he threw somewhere. My friend is knowledgeable about different magicks and the keys of solomon. He said I was one of the most powerful people he knows.the seal he used he said sealed up his own magic also. anyway this is getting off topic.

you couldn’t undo the bind?

I mean nothing is irreversible ? Have you tried?

I’ve tried, but nothing seems to work. one thing I know is it doesn’t seal away psychic abilities. If you must know I still remember my past life name and I lived from before 5000 B.C.

alrighty. cool.

best luck to you

Thanks. I bet some people have heard of my astral plane or past life name.


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Well, that was an enjoyable video. I am just wondering which part you were relating to about the transformation part?


You do not see how that relates.
you don’t!?

I’m so sorry, yah of course, there’s no corelation between your question and my answer.^^

Lol, at least you have a sense of humor and I tried writing down a sigil out of the words I wrote, but no luck. I have had zero luck trying to find an actual spell to work and I would prefer to meet a friendly goetia if I had to, but would rather use spells that aren’t related to demons.

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I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think you’re gonna find an answer. There are limits of this world and I mean like many others have said- a 3D look on this world is gonna look fucked up

Hiya there OP! IME, nothing from the Lesser Key of Solomon is strong enough to do that, they’re famous here but they’re pretty little dudes! You might want to contract a transformative goddess or somebody similar, though- when you invoke for a thing like that, you can usually feel the changes! Though not as they’re happening, more like you only really see the result. I dunno how to make it permanent, but it can be fun to dance in! :slight_smile:

Yeah. I was curious about that myself because some entity was telling me to accept the change, but they didn’t say what kind of change so I figured it must have meant something I had wrote down and I didn’t want that kind of change because it was something I would be uncomfortable with because I was thinking straight when I wrote down what I did on paper. I think something like Baphomet was trying to change me and in no way do I want that. The entity said its name, but it’s hard to believe it was just one entity either. Do you have any idea what goddess I could contact to try such a thing? I am sure I can make it work somehow. Yeah, well it would be my first time trying a transformation spell so I want to find something somebody has actually tried and got to work.

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I am just trying to find a spell that works. I know when I had an overlap of Birdy over top of me she looked just like a real life version of her instead of an anime one. I’m not sure what caused it though?

There’s a Kali out there somewhere who can change your sex pretty much whenever, though it feels more like an overlap or a suit you wear than a body. Maybe ask Mahakali about the change and how to finalize it?

Are you trying to change sex or become an anime person ?

Okay. I’m not sure how to contact them though. I haven’t really noticed a messaging system like an inbox to send others messages. Who is Mahakali? I would love to know how to finalize it and I’m sure I don’t have to go into detail about how bad it was when the other entities were around. Had the triple digit number show up a few times. I really don’t want to go through that again. I should have never listened to the voice that told me to type the last number when somebody left a ouija board out.

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Change sex, but I want to look like a specific anime character as though if they were real and not just an anime character.

I meam you can do a sex change. That’s easy. But you can’t really make an anime person not look anime? It defeats the purpose

Mahakali, AKA ‘Great Time’ is the Glory of Impermanence. My ways are pretty unorthodox, so you might want to check out her mantra and yantra over the Internet and pray to her. You might want to contract a middleman or interpreter to get you in touch with the Glory Herself- she’s not a forum member!- and see if she’ll take you out for a ride. :slight_smile:

Well, whatever I was experiencing with the overlap I mentioned she still looking like herself just more like an actual person not just anime form is what I meant, sorry.