Godself question

So i have been sort of reading into Godself and i just had a thought that i need to ask.

Could you have sex with your Godself…if yes, is it basically having sex with yourself or Godself is having sex with him/herself

gosh this is a bad question but meh, i have alot of questions about almost everything

Think of your godself as beyond duality. Totalitly
Could you have sex with your godself? Yes. The strongest connection you have is with your godself.

I know you can get a stonger connection to entity’s with sexual communion. Havent personley tried it with the godself though.

When invoking your higherself/godself it is blissfull almost of a sexual nature. A union a becoming, bliss.

Though the union and becoming is of a sexual nature its not the type of sexual nature coming from a human perspective if that makes sense?

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