Gods who can create and change reality

There is no information about it on the İnternet, Which is the god entity that can rule reality? Managing reality, everything is ruling.Allah Yehova jesus and abrahamic gods, These beings that create reality, Or someone else

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Every demon can change the reality every god can You can


We are the creators of this reality.
The abrahamic god… don’t get me started on him…

As for the anicent Gods like the Demonic gate keepers can help change your reality. Can guide you.
But you are the all mighty creator of your own reality.


Reality is as it is, it is not created, it only ever changes, as it is always. Every spirit can change reality, so work with various spirits to bring the changes that you want into your life. If you want only one entity that rules everything and can change anything, then you might be disappointed. But this magick also depends on your skill as well.

The three big demons in the grimorium verum can do it. I mean, the freemasons have known about this forever, that is the big secret they were trying to hide from people. Of course, it isn’t a big secret anymore, not with the internet.

Do you really think the whole organization is build around that “secret”? Lol

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Gods can create their own realities where they are i.e PRs, realms, such. Our own realities are based on how we perceive the world around us but all our realities share objective rules but varying subjective ideologies.

The demonic gatekeepers aren’t Gods theyre demons, however there are gatekeepers outside of the demonic BALG gatekeepers that aren’t demonic.

But even demons and such can learn to create and change realities, but here I believe it’s more change your perception of reality not literally change reality.

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I mean, organizations like that are built around people going through the motions in some kind of “secret rituals” that everyone has looked up on the internet and meeting in person to go through the motions while the vast majority of people will get little out of it with the exception of a social group to hang out with and socialize. Its really not much of a step up from church even though that actually tries to teach something. I mean, I’ve seen the O.T.O gnostic mass preformed as well, and goddess help us if people really learn anything from it. (even though there is truth there hidden) or this whole idea of “perfect love and perfect trust” and I would have never even bothered to look it up again.

This is why so many people think that ATR’s or Indian or Buddhist tantra is somehow better than western magic books and demons. They think we just have a bunch of useless dated impractical books that you have to read and no real way to initate people.

Ahriman, Aeshma to destroy and change reality in order to create a new reality

Lilith the mother of Demons, a true creator and life giver.

We are the original and true gods of reality. reality is not what you see in front of you right now nor its eternal bliss but the true perfect reality is chaos and in this chaos all kingdoms of the heavens or higher planes are sat upon. but only the actualized man who can distinct illusion and supreme stillness whose soul blossoms with his godlike force.

To Awnser Your Question… Who can do that? We found that we can do that. then how? Even for the simpliest spell we can open our destinies so i say find out how to do it yourself, so expiriemnet with reality.

Write it,See it, Seal it, and then release it.

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