Gods to empower the Ego

Any gods or demons you can suggest that can empower my Ego? Are there sigils of them?

I thought you said you were going to work with Satan for that?

I don’t believe in such magic. This would work if you gained a lot of money and social status in a short period of time. In other words, ego is based on what you have, what job you go to, whether you are respected at your job, how much money you have, house, car, what body you have, health, how much sex you have, etc.
This all takes time.
Although I try to understand you, you want to strengthen your ego to get what you want by going through the reverse process, but this is just a theory. I do not believe it.

Satan, Hecate, Lucifer, Belial, Lilith, Asmodeus, Samael.

But… It’s your ego… Why not use your own power?

Are you saying my Ego is strengthen naturally when I perform magic in general?

Your ego is the vehicle for your mind and “spiritual being” if you focus on what your ego is. Or at least what it means for you and what it is and means in psychology. You can pretty easily figure out how to strengthen it, either by magick or by just psychologically working on yourself

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Forgot to add.
The spirits I mentioned will probably not do it for you directly, but can show you how.

A mundane thing that might be somewhat easy is working on your confidence. Like working on your posture. Standing and walking straight, with your shoulders back and your chin high will have a psychological effect. Claim your space, you have every right to be here, just like any other human. Be proud of the things you do well. Accept the things you don’t do that well (or work on them to become better at them than you were before and celebrate the victories, however small). It’s about your growth, don’t compare yourself to others too much.
Envision yourself to be the person you would be proud of and do the things that will get you there etc.

Also take a moment to honor yourself, your magick and your power in every ritual for a while.

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I would personally go with Vine. A fierce solar and Martian force that lights you up like a light bulb. I only had one encounter with king Vine and I had a very strong of self and drive afterwards whilst being in spiritual Ecstasy.


I doubt to much about the existence of Satan, so I have move away from that.