Gods/Spirits grabbing teeth?

So as most of you know I’m a newbie. I dabbled in a bit of astral when I was younger (not much) but I’ve been practicing meditating/chakra/third eye everyday for only 4 days. Last 2 days I’ve been electric all over (all day, even now I’m shaking), I set my wards up properly yesterday (Shield, Barrier, Servitors).

So last night after my meditation I went to sleep. I was half asleep most of the night feeling like I was on the verge of Astral, during one of these instances I felt a pressure on my jaw, like a fist (I was on my side) Pushing down on the side of my lower jaw, vibrating. Then the feeling like someone grabbing my left canine (it felt like I had vampire teeth) and this insane vibration, like my head was physically vibrating. Then it felt like both my “vampire” fangs were being held, vibrating. At no point did I feel like it was a negative energy, more like someone was doing it for amusement. I was reaching out to Lucifer and Asmodeus during my meditation, I didn’t think to ask if it was one of them (I was barely conscious, next time I’ll try) but do you know if any of these two would do something like this? Just for amusement :joy: